Sam and Jo

Sam and Jo

Jamie made the process of selling our condo seamless, and stress free. He gave incredible advice at the beginning, which led to the results we were looking for when we closed. He was honest, helpful, extremely professional, and available to us to answer any questions.

His magnetic personality is not only a bonus but also an asset, we were proud to have him represent us, and our home. We sold at the price we wanted, in the timeline we hoped for, and felt confident with Jamie's encouragement and hard work throughout its entirety.

We strongly recommend meeting with Jamie if you're buying or selling, it won't take long for you to see what we're raving about.

—Sam and Jo

Robert & Jennifer Vaughn

Robert & Jennifer Vaughn

We are so grateful to have been referred to Jamie. As first time Toronto homebuyers, we were completely unprepared for this market, but Jamie patiently and expertly walked us through every step. We hadn't done much research, nor had we very specific ideas on location, and we were under a time crunch as I was 3 months pregnant! Not exactly ideal circumstances, but Jamie seemed to understand our needs sometimes better than we did. He tirelessly found and showed us homes and was invaluable in helping us to make our decision. Far from trying to get a quick sale, he was sure to point out things in that might not work in our favor, which helped enormously and really secured our trust that we were working with someone who had our best interests at heart.

Within a month he found a house that perfectly suited our needs and was able to negotiate the sale, beating out 4 other offers with a price we were still comfortable with. It was the first house we bid on, and I'm told we are extremely fortunate to have this experience in Toronto.

We are now in the home we will soon share with our daughter. We even had time to do some renovations and really make the place our own, without stressing about time. For this, and for making the process fun and exciting, we can't thank or recommend Jamie enough.

Sam Mizrahi

Sam Mizrahi

Over the last couple of years I have had the pleasure of working with Jamie Sarner — both in the capacity of a buyer and a seller. Jamie was instrumental in coordinating the meetings that led to my purchase of the properties that will be developed at Yonge & Bloor titled "The One".

Jamie has the unique ability to source out properties appropriate for his buyer client's needs. Using his extensive network, and thinking outside of the box, he actively pursues suitable properties that are publicly and exclusively for sale.

As a seller, I have found Jamie to be diligent in his follow-up with other agents, leads and interested parties. Jamie has a sound knowledge of the market area and provides advice accordingly.

During the number of dealings that I have had with him over the years, I have found Jamie to be fair and professional in his dealings, prompt in his communications, and proactive in his strategies. I whole heartedly recommend Jamie to anyone requiring real estate service or advice.

Myriam Mongrain

Myriam Mongrain

It is more than my pleasure to recommend Jamie Sarner as a real estate agent.

He is much more than an agent and truly unique. He has amazing interpersonal skills, is likeable, and instills a high degree of trust.

He is available 24/7 and makes the process of buying a house painless. He is extremely well connected within the community and is very resourceful in all aspects of buying a house. He puts no pressure on his clients and has their best interest at heart.

His professionalism made me feel at peace, which is such a gift when buying property! I recommend him wholeheartedly without any reservation whatsoever.

Myriam Mongrain, Ph.D. C.Psych.
Professor, York University

Frank and Sarah Selke

We consider ourselves very fortunate to have been able to work with Jamie Sarner to find our first home. We actually first contacted Jamie based on our review of his website which gave us a sense of the type of person he is. When we met Jamie we immediately gained a sense of his knowledge and professionalism, but also a level of trust which was probably the most important factor in hiring him.

Jamie provided us with the advice and guidance we needed with each property we visited and throughout the offer process. Jamie was patient with us, but persistent in finding us our new home. We highly recommend that you work with Jamie to help you with your real estate needs and have already begun to recommend him to our friends.

Josh Diamond

Josh Diamond

Jamie was invaluable helping us find and close the perfect place for our needs.

His experience, relationships and aggressive approach led to a quick and easy buy.

Ellen Moore

Ellen Moore

 I had the pleasure for working with Jamie Sarner in early 2012 to help locate my new property in mid-town Toronto. I was very impressed with his knowledge of the market.

The patience he took to help me find just the right location, with all the amenities I had requested was outstanding. I appreciated his candor around the many properties he showed me and felt after just a few hours that he was able to figure out what I wanted to make me happy in a new home.

Jamie was very responsive and flexible in accommodating my busy travel schedule and long days. I have recommended him to friends and colleagues looking to buy condos, houses and some who are renting.

Nancy Lee-Sing & Daniel Brambilla

Nancy Lee-Sing & Daniel Brambilla

Dear Jamie,

What a ride we’ve been on! The past year and a half of house hunting has paid off and we know we’ll be very comfortable and happy in our new home.

We know taking us house hunting was not an easy task. We knew what we wanted, had perhaps too many parts of the city from which to choose and while you knew we were able to see the potential in many homes, you can’t deny that we were incredibly picky.

You managed to take the frustrations out of our search. You were patient and kind and your witty charm made the journey pleasurable. Thank you for taking the time to pre-screen some places. You were able to figure out exactly what we were looking for from the start. You have a talent for zoning in on what clients want and need, for determining the priorities and the necessities and for making clients find hope when their frustrations take over.

As for helping us sell our home, your advice was most appreciated. Additionally, you took the stress of showings away and assured us that all would be fine. Your suggestions and guidance paid off and for that, we thank you.

We will most definitely recommend you to our friends for we know they will be well taken care of.

It has been a pleasure and we look forward to having you visit us in our new home as you will always be a welcomed guest.

Warmest regards,

Nancy and Dan

Dr. Alexandre Zlotta

Dr. Alexandre Zlotta

I have had the chance to be helped by Mr. Jamie Sarner for real estate services on 2 occasions. He demonstrated professionalism, dedication and he provided outstanding customer service.

 He definitely eased our transition to Canada and helped us get settled. We can’t thank him enough for all the efforts he made on our behalf.  

It is my pleasure to highly recommend his services to you.

Michelle Arvizu-Juckes & Dylan Juckes

Michelle Arvizu-Juckes & Dylan Juckes

We met Jamie window-shopping in the Annex at one of his listings. Having had a much-less-than-ideal first buying experience, it took us quite some time to gather the needed urgency to really start looking for our second home. We started by going to see “Dream houses,” on our own, that were WAY out of our range. We warned Jamie that we were not yet his type of client. He replied “I think you should let me be the judge of that.”; We were intrigued to say the least!

We called Jamie when we were finally ready to start looking a bit more formally, but it turned out we were not ready at all. After visiting many homes and even having an offer accepted in one occasion, we realized it wasn’t time to move and decided to hold off for a bit. Jamie was very understanding and we kept regular contact over the next few months, either in person or over the phone. We wanted to be kept informed but our hesitation to make the move remained. Jamie’s patience was remarkable! It never seemed as though we were bothersome or a waste of his time.

After a second Holiday season came and went, Jamie called to say “We’ve talked enough about the possibility and process, now may be the time to make the move.” It was exactly the push we needed and appreciated. We found our new home within two months (and believe me, I wish I had enough room here to tell you the story of actually buying the house, it was incredible!).

With our future home purchased it was time to embark on the journey of selling our property immediately. Jamie had positioned & prepared our property so well that we were struck with multiple interested clients ready to present their offers before the scheduled date. With all of the incoming offers far above asking, it was hard to believe we had retrieved back the value of so many years and love we had invested into the property. We had heard many horror-stories about the whole ordeal of selling & buying, yet Jamie made it fun. And I don’t use the word lightly. There was nothing he fell short of. He not only understood us perfectly as clients, as buyers, and as home-owners, now in the end, we truly think of him as a friend.

Peter & Sue Smith

Peter & Sue Smith

We want to again thank you for your outstanding service on our recent purchase. Throughout, you continually demonstrated thoroughness, patience, tenacity, and above all, a very good sense of humour. You developed an understanding of what we were looking for…and you found it for us!

We were also impressed with your ability to put together the offer and negotiate and finalize it. Your pre-closing attentiveness to the transaction was also appreciated.

In Short, it was a pleasure to deal with you. You made a stressful exercise much less so. We certainly will highly recommend you to anyone looking to buy or sell a home.

Cathy Jonasson

Cathy Jonasson

While looking for new office space, our home had an extensive fire. When Jamie heard that we had relocated to a hotel (with three kids, a dog and two cats), he immediately sent over a list of 32 properties that could be rented on a short-term basis until our home was restored. The timing was terrible (just before Christmas), but remarkably, he found a lovely house in our neighbourhood that would accommodate us for the year that it would take to rebuild the house. He also quickly negotiated a rental rate that the insurance company would accept.

It was the best news we had received in many weeks and we were able to move in a few weeks later. Although I am sure that Jamie was dealing with many other issues through this time, he always made us feel like we were a priority and I was very grateful both for his skills and for his consideration. There is no question that I would highly recommend Jamie to anyone wanting the experience of acquiring real estate to be handled with intelligence and consideration.

Rebecca Hershoran & Benji Schwartz

Rebecca Hershoran & Benji Schwartz

Jamie Sarner truly is “the new standard of excellence!” Jamie has been my agent for 3 moves in the last 5 years, and each time he has proven his worth. His knowledge of the real estate market is equally matched by his honest, straightforward & dedicated nature towards his clients. We trusted in Jamie every step of the buying & selling process, as he made sure we were always comfortable and informed.

His service to us was above and beyond the duties of a typical real estate agent. Jamie inspired trust and always exemplified professionalism towards each detail. Simply put, you will not find someone better to help you then Jamie. We will continue to use and recommend him for years to come.

Adi Isakovic & Tania Rosaria

Adi Isakovic & Tania Rosaria

My wife and I put a lot of effort into renovating our condo, and we were sure that it would sell quickly. Thinking that it made no difference which agent we chose, I decided to go with a friend of the family. After 5 months, 52 showings, and 3 price reductions I had no other choice but to ask for a cancellation form. Having learned my lesson the hard way, I was much more careful the second time around. That was when I contacted Jamie. Admittedly, a part of me was still skeptical: could an agent really make a difference? To make a long story short: Jamie sold our property in 1 day, after 1 showing, for 100% of the asking price.

When I initially contacted Jamie via email, one of the first things that made an impression on me was how quickly he responded: literally within minutes. He was on time and well-prepared for every meeting, Jamie was always dressed to impress and he never wasted words. His competitive analysis was spot-on. His advice was invaluable. He was always one step ahead, ushering us through what was obviously a carefully thought-out process. The listing he put together had no mistakes.

I am confident that Jamie optimized every aspect of the sale, and truly spared himself no effort in maximizing our odds of getting exactly what we wanted. Jamie is a high-performance selling machine and a true professional. He really does his job and no one could do it better. My wife and I will be recommending him to all our friends and family, and we look forward to doing many more deals with him in the future. Thank you, Jamie.

* * *

Jamie sold our first condo in one day, after one showing, for 100% of the asking price. When the time came for us to buy our second property, he helped us get the place we really wanted for less than we were willing to pay.

Throughout the buying process, Jamie was patient, responsive, and attentive -- even while on vacation. He kept us informed in moments of uncertainty and turned what would have been a stressful situation into a pleasant one with his calm and reasoned approach.

Once again, we highly recommend Jamie to anyone buying or selling a home, and will continue to recommend him to all of our friends and family. Thanks again, Jamie!

Adi & Tania

Biljana and Mladen Ovadija

Biljana and Mladen Ovadija

Jamie’s good humour, honest help, friendly manners, and above all expert advice made problem solving in our relocation (selling/buying) project a pleasant affaire.


Hatice & Kenan Unal

Hatice & Kenan Unal

Finding the right home is a hard, long, stressful and emotional process. Jamie was with us along this journey. He always gives his full support and best advice. Jamie also managed to get the best deal when we sold our property. He is the best.

Alireza Esmaeilzadeh

Alireza Esmaeilzadeh

  Jamie has been my real estate advisor and broker for a little over the 4 years. You could not ask for a better broker! Jamie tends to all my real estate needs and certainly steps beyond normal broker boundaries to assist in any way possible.

Wilma De Muelenaere

Wilma De Muelenaere

My experience with Jamie Sarner as a realtor has been simply remarkable. I had purchased a condominium a few years ago as an investment for my daughter to live in while she was studying in Toronto. When she decided to move to Calgary we chose Jamie to sell this property which proved to be an excellent decision. Jamie sold our condo in Toronto in record time and for the highest price per square foot in the building to date. I was particularly impressed at the effort and strategy Jamie employed which resulted in very little effort on my part which was important since I live in Manitoba and had to handle the entire sale from there. I definitely recommend him as a very efficient, polite and friendly realtor who goes the extra mile to get the job done for his clients.

Nikki & Mike Stroh

Nikki & Mike Stroh

Jamie helped us purchase our downtown loft years ago at The Merchandise Building where we spent many happy years. Since our experience then was so positive we didn’t give a second thought about hiring Jamie again to now sell our loft and help us purchase a new house. After we had signed the listing and established a price and a strategy based on Jamie’s recom-mendation we began to start preparing our home for sale which was no small task considering we had just been married and had stuff everywhere. Amazingly, Jamie was able to find a buyer within a few days and we ended up selling our suite for far more than we had anticipated before it even went to the open market. It was again obvious that we had hired the right agent!

Now that we had sold we knew we had to quickly start the hunt for our new home which was not a simple task given that we had particularly unique criteria. Jamie assured us that we would find the right home well within the time of the negotiated closing of our loft sale. We ended up finding the perfect home for our needs in a location that was better than we had expected. Jamie again employed a perfect strategy resulting in us buying this property in a bidding war for far less than we were willing to spend.

I can confidently say that hiring Jamie reduced our stress while achieving a higher sale price on our current property and saving us tens of thousands of dollars on our purchase.

I highly recommend Jamie Sarner as your agent as our results have been fantastic on multiple occasions.

Nikki & Mike Stroh

Susan Bailey

Susan Bailey

It was a frigid February Saturday evening, when my phone rang…it was Jamie Sarner, a real estate agent who I had only met briefly while showing a loft to friends of mine. He had gotten my number from my friends and called to tell me that he knew that I was looking to purchase a loft and that he had just "the place for me…" and when I arrived for the viewing that same night, Jamie was waiting for me, and of course, it was definitely the place for me.

The entire process for me was very quick, since there was a motivated seller and I was a flexible buyer, however since this was my first experience of doing this on my own I needed Jamie’s guidance to make sensible decisions.

I viewed the loft on a Saturday night at 7:30pm and made an offer on Sunday at 6:30 (also my birthday) following a brief meeting with Jamie. By 8:00pm, I owned my first home…what a whirlwind experience. Due to the flexibility in the terms in the agreement, I had a very elastic closing date, which worked for both the seller and me.

Throughout the term of the contract and the closing, Jamie kept in touch, contacted me to ensure that my needs as a buyer were being met, and to assist me with any questions or concerns that may have arisen. He was informative, understanding and thorough.

Thanks Jamie, I appreciate your expertise and professionalism. Your efforts were very much appreciated!

David Kaufman

David Kaufman

These pivotal moments in our lives are by definition stress-producers and your diligence and attention to detail during that time helped me to make the right decision in a sober manner, and ultimately led me to the purchase of the perfect home at a reasonable price.

John & Reina Zatylny

John & Reina Zatylny

We wanted to thank you for all your good work in helping us purchase our condo earlier this year. We appreciated your patience, dedication, and good humour during our long search for our new home. We visited many properties, and your knowledge and experience was a great help to us.

If we decide to look for a new home at some point in the future, we won’t hesitate to ask you to be our agent again. We know that you’ll put our interests first, and that you’ll take the time that we need to find the perfect home. We strongly recommend you to anyone who is looking to buy or sell a property. Your service is second to none, and they won’t be disappointed!

Samantha Margolis & Jordan Fogle

Samantha Margolis & Jordan Fogle

We were very impressed with Jamie. He made the purchase of our first home as seamless and stress-free as possible and gave us excellent advice. Jamie was very professional throughout all of our real estate dealings. We couldn’t imagine selecting anyone else for future sales or purchases.

Jessica Fenton

Jessica Fenton

Jamie Sarner is an excellent real estate agent. He has an incredibly likable personality and a very broad knowledge of the Toronto condominium market. Jamie has already helped me find two amazing condos in Yorkville, and I look very forward to working with him again in the future.

Tatijana Shoan

Tatijana Shoan

I want to thank you again for all you’ve done in helping me purchase my apartment. Your expertise and guidance helped me move through a stressful process with the assurance and confidence I needed to know I made the right decision, both financially and geographically. I absolutely adore my condo, and if in the future I choose to sell or buy again I will definitely contact you!

Arlin & Shawna M.  

Arlin & Shawna M.  

Jamie made the the sale of our condo and the purchase of our first home as seamless as possible. Throughout the process Jamie was able to give us sound advice and proved to be a knowledgeable and trustworthy Realtor. I never felt as though he was not on our side.

Jamie was able to listen to both our wants and needs and find us our perfect home. We will continue to work with Jamie in all our Real Estate endeavours and highly recommend that you do as well.

Jefferey Lipson

Jefferey Lipson

I first used Jamie’s services about 2 years ago. I found him to be efficient, professional and honest. I was so happy with his skills and demeanor that I have bought and sold a further 5 homes through him since. I have no problem recommending him to handle any Real Estate sale in the residential marketplace.

Yoni Silberman

Yoni Silberman

I was originally referred to Jamie Sarner by a friend of mine whom he had helped. I work long hours and as such had very limited times to view potential properties that I was interested in. Jamie was extremely flexible and helpful in previewing possible homes for me, and making sure to be available when I had available time.

Jamie identified the property that I ended up purchasing early in our search when it was above my price range. He explained that the property was overpriced and developed a strategy to handle this. Through his knowledge, patience & strategic negotiation I was able to purchase my dream home within the budget I had set out for myself. I plan on using Jamie for all of my real estate needs in the future and have already recommended him to a colleague who purchased their home through him.

Lynn C. & Rhonda F.

Lynn C. & Rhonda F.

We have known Jamie Sarner for many years, as he and Lynn's son have been friends since they were 6 years old. We contacted Jamie when we were ready to purchase a home.

Jamie helped us find the right house and negotiated a fair price for the property as we were up against 6 other bidders. His ability to help us make quick decisions based on his plan and execution successfully secured the property for us. We highly recommend Jamie whether you are thinking of buying or selling.

Kevin Chan

Kevin Chan

Buying your first home is no easy task. Buying your first home with your parents who are out of town is an absolute nightmare! But somehow, Jamie was able to very successfully deal with both my parents and myself. Jamie was very patient to find a property which suited both parties desires. Listings were presented as soon as they were available on the market, but not at all in an overly aggressive way.

When I found the property that I now own, Jamie went above and beyond to get me the property while he was on vacation! Jamie got me a great deal on the property, set me up with a lawyer, and even offered to aid me in filtering through potential tenants when I was thinking of renting the property.

From my end, it seems that the most important aspects of a Real estate agent is that they understand what you want, are honest, and are super on top of communication with the client and Jamie most definitely excelled in all these aspects. I would certainly recommend him to others.

Rebecca & John Hunter

Rebecca & John Hunter

We have utilized Jamie's skills as a realtor over a period of years – first, to assist us in finding tenants and in maintaining our condo as a quality rental unit, and later, this past spring, in selling our condo when the time was right for us. Jamie provided these services to us when we resided far from Toronto; that circumstance did not impede the high level of service we received.

Jamie knows the Toronto market extremely well. He provides excellent advice with respect to marketing and pricing, and he gets results expeditiously for his clients. We have always found Jamie to be reliable and trustworthy, and to strike the right balance between readily providing his expertise and being responsive to the wishes of his clients. We highly recommend Jamie.

Rebecca and John Hunter

Dana, Gaddy & Leni Tisch

Dana, Gaddy & Leni Tisch

We had been looking for a home for 2 years off and on with no success. Other agents never really got what we were looking for and made us feel like we had to sacrifice too much. We met Jamie on a Friday and purchased our house that following Monday after competing against 6 other offers. The reason for that is simple: Jamie understood our sensibilities, he listened and he represented our best interests. WE would recommend Jamie to Anyone; he is truly a mensch and a top notch realtor.

Mohammed Serhan

Mohammed Serhan

House hunting is no easy task. Working with Jamie is as easy and as convenient as it gets. Jamie has a strategy that focuses on getting to know his clients personally so he can deliver the right product. Not only did he take note of what specs I’m looking for when buying, but also got to know my personal style and taste and tailored his suggested units towards that.

Jamie makes house hunting a much more stress free experience by being easily reachable and available to view units whenever is convenient to his clients. His knowledge of the Toronto market keeps the buyer at ease and comfortable with the process.

I highly recommend Jamie to buyers at any level. He made my first purchase a breeze.

Tanya Stroedel

Tanya Stroedel

Before I met Jamie Sarner I had been looking for a home unsuccessfully with two different agents for over a year. I was frustrated to say the least and was becoming concerned that finding a good real estate agent was as hard as finding the right house. A good friend of mine who knew of my home hunting struggles recommended that I call Jamie so that I could work with an agent who knew how to get the job done. I first met Jamie in person at a property on April 3rd and by May 21st I was the proud owner of my new home! Jamie helped me focus my search on the right properties and always made sure that we were one of the first people in to each listing as the market was hot and he didn’t want a property to sell before I had a chance to see it. I am happy that I found Jamie and highly recommend him to anybody who is looking for a great agent in Toronto.

Ryan Haas

Ryan Haas

I have successfully completed my 3rd transaction with Jamie Sarner, and am looking forward to continuing our relationship both on a personal and business level for many years to come. Jamie demonstrates a high level of professionalism and accommodation, and has helped me make sound and profitable decisions throughout my several condo purchases and sales.

I would highly recommend Jamie Sarner to anyone who is looking for an honest down to earth agent who will not push them into making rushed decisions, and help them find the perfect place to call home.

Charles Machen

Charles Machen

I can look back at a great experience, working with Jamie in getting the house sold in a timely manner. Right from the start Jamie did an extensive research of houses sold in our area. This information established a realistic asking price for our house. It is important for any seller to know what is going on in your area, Jamie did his homework very well. Important to know that Jamie does not work alone and is supported by a great team which are always available to answer any questions. From beginning to the end that the house was sold, we always had excellent communications with Jamie and also our real estate lawyer commented on the professional way Jamie works.

Courtney Pratt & Alexa Pratt

Courtney Pratt & Alexa Pratt

Working with Jamie was a real pleasure.

We have been through fourteen moves and can attest to his professionalism and the quality of his advice. He gives you a straight realistic view of the market and is a tough negotiator on your behalf. We wholeheartedly recommend Jamie.

Alison H. Y.

Alison H. Y.

I can enthusiastically recommend Jamie as an agent both from a seller's or a purchaser’s perspective as he has served me very well in both capacities.

I first came to know Jamie when he helped me find a house when I first came to Toronto about 10 years ago. He was excellent in a number of respects. First, he was incredibly patient and showed me many houses in many different areas of the city before I found the right house. Second, he was quick to understand my requirements and gave me very good advice along the way. I also noticed, when attending open houses on my own, that Jamie was well known, liked and respected by other agents. With his help, I looked at many houses over a period of months before I bought. There were multiple bids on the house and he proved to be an excellent negotiator and my bid was accepted.

I sold the house that I bought 10 years ago recently and after interviewing other agents I decided to list with Jamie. He provided excellent service and support with great assistance on last minute details\repairs and stagers that he works with and who did a great job. The house was listed according to plan and attracted 6 offers, selling well over asking on the offer night only 5 days after listing. I was again impressed with his professionalism on offer night in handling the offers and the entire process...I would also add that he has wonderful support from [his assistant] Margaret and so there was always a quick answer to any question that arose, large or small.

In my view, Jamie is not just a competent agent (of whom there are many) but a talented professional who has a passion for Toronto and real estate and understands the nuances of the market. I have referred him to a number of family and friends, all of whom have been very happy.

Finally, Jamie is great fun to be with! In short, I highly recommend him.

Dana P.

Dana P.

[Jamie] raised to our expectations with his professionalism, easy communication and market knowledge. He was very efficient and he delivered great results. He rented out our condo in 4 days and we were very pleased with the tenant he found us. We will definitely be using them next time!

Rue De Lux

Rue De Lux

Jamie delivers what he promises – professionalism and passion. To date, our mandate to provide Toronto with unique, sophisticated residential rentals has grown exponentially. This success, in part, can be attributed to Jamie's diligence and savvy for Toronto's real estate market.

The RUE de LUX team



Jamie was recommended to me as someone who understood how to make the process of finding and buying a new office as professional and as efficient as possible. He certainly did just that. Our preference was to be in a Live/Work Condominium, something that is in short supply in Toronto. Nevertheless, within a day or two he had understood the requirements of our business; sourced a range of possibilities and worked with us to focus on the complexities of each potential space.

We were able to accomplish a great deal prior to actually visiting sites so that the time looking at properties was highly productive. Within three weeks of working with Jamie, I had purchased a property that precisely suited our needs. Jamie’s atten-tiveness continued during the period prior to moving in when he patiently handled many of the details of viewing the property and organizing all the contacts we needed.

Jamie was exceptionally efficient, very attentive to detail and accommodating of all requests. My office staff is delighted with our new space and we are indebted to Jamie for his helping us find such a perfect fit.

Stanley Z. Grossman

Stanley Z. Grossman

We enlisted Jamie to assist us in selling our remaining inventory of units at 112 St. Clair Avenue West. This is a unique building of only 20 units which are substantially larger than most condominium suites in the City of Toronto. Marketing and sales of these luxury units proved to be a challenge over the years since we entered the marketplace. 

Jamie devoted whatever time and effort necessary to sell these units. He was convinced that he could succeed where others before him had failed and approached this opportunity with professionalism and excitement. He set a time frame within which he was confident he could achieve all sales. He did a complete market analysis and provided empirical evidence to support pricing. He worked with other consultants to re-constitute our website and established a reasonable and practical budget to effectively expose the units to prospective purchasers and other agents/brokers.

I can confidently say that Jamie accomplished what he set out to do. And it was always a pleasure to see him at work with such zeal and optimism. I am witness to his tenacity and devotion to the task at hand. I can only compliment him on a job well done and happily recommend him to others. 

Erin Maccarthy

Sold to a satisfied buyer

Jamie is a consummate professional and VERY persistent. After patiently showing me many downtown condominiums, I still hadn't found what I wanted. Having essentially resigned myself to staying in the new condominium I had purchased earlier, I didn't expect to hear from him again. However, Jamie continued to send me selected listings of condos that he thought would fit my specifications.

This lasted for almost a year and a half. One day, I received one of his e-mails describing a property that sounded great. I immediately contacted him and we went to see the condo a day or two later. Within a couple more days, we had made an offer which was accepted by the seller! This condominium was amazing! It exceeded my expectations. I am so appreciative of the fact that he was so persistent and diligent in keeping an eye out for the type of unit that he believed would be right for me.

He also sold the condo that I was in and it sold very quickly. Everything worked out better than I could ever have expected.

Thanks, Jamie!

Ken E.

Ken E.

Thank you for helping us find and purchase our new home. I’m sure I would have exhausted the patience of most but I never sensed that from you. I never felt pressured. During our search your advice was always objective which gave us the confidence to make the right decisions. Combined with the fact that you possess a keen ability to understand specific tastes and requirements, you have made a potentially stressful process an enjoyable one.

Louie Nardella

Louie Nardella

Having no previous reference to Jamie, I sent out cold contacts to several real-estate agents in the GTO area, and I had an answer in 1 hour.
It’s been history from there on, having made acquisitions on 6 different opportunities, I was always treated with professionalism, best interest towards the client, and serviced like I never seen. I have moved as fast as I wanted or as slowly as I needed to move, and Jamie was always there to support and accommodate, and guide me in the right direction. He listened, analyzed and reacted. That’s what’s needed.

Thank you Jamie.


Cheryl Cott

Cheryl Cott

Working with Jamie was a pleasure from start to finish. He was patient and supportive as I went through the process of deciding on a new home. Once I made my decision he swung into action to close the deal and get my house ready for sale in five days. Throughout the process he was unfailingly professional in his interactions with me – always answered my emails promptly, kept me up to date on current market listings, and set up viewings in a timely manner. His optimism and sense of humour kept me going. I highly recommend Jamie to anyone looking for a realtor in the GTA.

Satisfied Seller

Satisfied Seller


I wish to thank you for the quality of your services and advice you have provided in connection with the rental of my property and now in getting the apartment sold. I would not hesitate to use you again or to recommend you highly to others.


Satisfied Condominium Seller

Nick Morgan & Carli Rothman

Finding a house is easy. Finding a home is not. Four walls and a front door just wouldn't cut it, and Jamie Sarner knew that. Patience is a virtue that not everyone possesses. Lucky for us, Jamie's got the patience of an absolute Saint.

Without so much as an eye-roll, Jamie listened as we rattled off our intimidating list of must-haves. It had to have a yard. It had to be by the park. It had to have a fireplace. The kitchen had to be just so, and the bathroom should be big enough to cartwheel in. Particular? Yes. Picky? Probably. But, discouraged? Never. Jamie's positive attitude, that willingness to try, try, try again, was recognized and so very much appreciated. Weeks turned into months, and we were still Dream House-less. Then, one wretched winter evening, the search finally ended. "It might not look like much right now, but the potential is definitely there," he told us.

And he was right. It wasn't much to look at, but there was something very promising about the place, and so we put in an offer. Only a few short weeks later, we had our yard, our park, our fireplace and our kitchen. Four out of five ain't bad! And, after knocking down a few walls, we're now able to do full floor routines in our shower! They say good things come to those who wait. This is true. But great things come to those who work with Jamie Sarner. His tireless efforts and unwavering optimism ("It's out there guys, I know it!") made the whole experience a pleasant and rewarding one. He went above and beyond the call of duty, and we can't even begin to thank him enough. Jamie Sarner truly is the definition of the perfect real estate agent, and any house-hunter would be more than lucky to have a guy like him in their house-hunting corner.

Miriam and Chris Y.

Jamie was endlessly patient, encouraging and supportive through the entire process. I am very pleased to say that, thanks to Jamie, we did find our perfect house. We are very very happy with our house and are expecting a new (human) addition to our house very soon.

Patrick L. & Donna B.

We can say, without a doubt, that the opportunity to acquire our new home was solely due to Jamie Sarner’s knowledge and network within the Toronto real estate market. Jamie had a keen sense to quickly determine the type of home we wanted to live in.

During our 6-months search, he had an unwavering drive and desire to find the home that was right for us by continuously connecting with others within the real estate market and selectively targeting homes that met our particular taste and needs. We would highly recommend Jamie to anyone looking to purchase a property in Toronto.

Harriet & Jonathan G.

Jamie is the consummate professional! He comes prepared, well informed, on time and with a smile on his face.

He is incredibly knowledgeable and presents comparative information to ensure that you are making a well informed decision. He knows the market place, and is not afraid to voice his opinion when asked.

Jamie is a pleasure to work. It is also comforting to see how well he works with other agents to keep the job at hand as the focus and try to complete the deal in both a friendly and timely manner. We have, and will continue to use Jamie for his services as well as recommend him.

Cheryl G.

Jamie Sarner helped me find a fantastic condo in the King West area. During my search, Jamie was proactive, personable and professional. In fact, due to his creativity and friendly personality, he ended up landing me a private sale at a great price! Thanks to Jamie, I am now enjoying a large, quiet and beautiful condo in my favourite neighbourhood.

Cindi B.

My husband has been in the Real Estate industry for over 50 years and has dealt with many realtors and companies. We were looking for an agent that could handle our personal portfolio of properties. In our search we were introduced to Jamie Sarner by a family member.

Upon meeting Jamie we were instantly won over. His professionalism, warm manner and attention to detail made us feel completely at ease and confident that we were going to be well taken care of.

Jamie clearly puts his best foot forward and makes the transition of buying or selling as easy and seamless as possible.

Jamie has proven to be a knowledgeable, trusted realtor and we would recommend him without hesitation.

Saba & Sal Z.

Jamie came highly recommended to us by friends and colleagues and over the course of our home hunting experience, Jamie lived up to if not exceeded all our expectations.

Jamie has an uncanny ability to hear between the lines and pick up on cues that help him identify the right types of homes and areas for you before you may even realize that is what you are looking for.

Due to his deep knowledge of the Toronto housing market, he was well informed about all listings, was quick and efficient with setting up viewings and gave sound advice we trusted.

We would highly recommend Jamie to others and look forward to working with him again on our next home.

Harriet G.

Jamie was an utter delight to work with. He brought both a professionalism and energy to the deal that was inspiring. His honesty and credibility are truly something to be admired. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Jamie and would both recommend him and use his services in the future. Thanks Jamie!

Dara M.

It was with some trepidation that I approached the purchase of my first home. Your straight-forwardness and no-nonsense approach quickly put me at ease. I had every confidence that the advice I was getting from you was both sound and in my best interest.

Your attentiveness was greatly appreciated, particularly given my lack of experience in making this kind of purchase. I have already recommended you to friends, and would have no hesitation continuing to recommend your services in the future.

Gloria H.

I have to say that you were most helpful to my husband and myself when we were faced with the the difficult task of buying a condo and afterwards in selling our house. We did not do any independent research and were therefore pleased with your considerable talent in scouting out the situation for us. Your guidance was extremely useful and I found that you were always available for assistance in all matters pertaining to the search.

I would not hesitate to recommend your work to any of my friends and associates. If in the future I need real estate assistance I would be most pleased to deal with you again. I trust that many of your clients will feel as well satisfied as Cyril and I do.

Susan L.

Jamie knows how to be firm with a client without going overboard. You don't want someone who is too pushy. You want the client to feel that they are in control of the decisions that they are making. His opinion is honest and fair. His judgment is reliable and is responsible towards his clients.

Jerina R.

I dreaded the thought of selling my condo and looking for a new place to live, however house hunting with Jamie was an enjoyable adventure. I found Jamie to be courteous, patient and honest.

Jess M.

Jamie is a delight to work with. I have both bought and sold homes with him. Each time he has made the process quick, easy and (most shockingly) fun. I have recommended him to many friends and family members and I will continue to do so in the future.

Julia and Paul S.

We and members of our family have worked with Jamie in both buying and selling real estate. He is a consummate real estate professional: very knowledgeable, easy to work and communicate with, and he provides excellent customer service.

Most important to us, he is able to determine his customers' needs by simply observing them, and, then quickly bring appropriate and quality listings to the attention of the buyer. This saves the customer time and effort, whether a buyer or seller. We can highly recommend his services based on extended personal experience.

Happy First Time Buyers.

Jamie worked with us to purchase our first home and was a patient and attentive adviser. He showed us countless homes in many neighborhoods as we honed our constantly changing desires for different home attributes and locations into what we truly needed in a home.

Most importantly, we never felt any pressure to pursue a home we did not feel 100% comfortable with. When we finally did find the right home, Jamie left his vacation to submit our offer and negotiate on our behalf. The result was a winning bid in a highly sought after neighborhood in a home we have been very happy in ever since.

Roch G.

I retained Jamie Sarner as my real estate agent to assist me in selling my condominium. Within 36 hours of listing the property on MLS, a firm offer came in at 100% of the list price. Jamie was very professional throughout the entire process

Daniel & Alicia S.

Jamie Sarner came highly recommend from several friends of ours. We found out why very quickly and our experience with Jamie was, nothing short of unbelievable.

Simply stated, Jamie helped us purchase the house we wanted almost immediately after we started looking, for less than we were willing to spend. He then proceeded to sell our condo in 3 days and got us more money than we expected.  

Throughout the entire process,  Jamie was professional,  courteous and understanding of our needs. That particular time in our life was extremely busy and Jamie did everything possible to make sure the process was hassle free. Really what more could you possibly want from an agent?  

My wife and I are so appreciative to have had Jamie Sarner as our agent. We will always work with Jamie in the future and he will now come highly recommended by us both.

Beth Haines

When I thought about selling my place, I was preparing for the worst until a friend of mine referred me to Jamie. I interviewed another agent but they lacked the knowledge and expertise that Jamie exemplified. Jamie is a true professional and I hardly noticed that my place was being sold throughout the process. My suite sold in record time and far above asking price and my expectations! I am thankful that I listened and took ALL of Jamie's advice and followed the strategy as he recommended as it proved to be very effective.

Jamie truly knows what he’s doing and I can’t wait to start house shopping soon. Thanks again Jamie!!


Laura Allen

I met Jamie years ago when he was referred to me by a close friend who had sold their condo in Yorkville with his help. Jamie had helped her sell her home for full price in 5 days which was particularly impressive considering the asking price was quite ambitious.

When I called Jamie a few months ago to discuss selling my property I was looking for the same type of result. I had extensively renovated my suite and I knew that I had to hire someone who would be able to communicate and properly market these upgrades to potential buyers in order to ensure that I received the true value of the property. Jamie's advice proved to be invaluable in determining the right pricing and marketing strategy to guarantee that I would be able to market my property at a price level far above what the building had attained in the past. Jamie's approach helped me achieve a record price at the time that I was extremely happy with in a very short time.

I have already recommended Jamie to friends and family and there is no other agent that I would want representing me in the Toronto market.

Thanks Jamie!

Brian & Beverley Eatock

Jamie's knowledge of the housing market, patience and high energy were just what we needed in finding just the right house in the neighbourhood we wanted and could afford. I still work in Durham region and drive against the traffic to work, and Brian and Ian are at work in 10 minutes. We are now living in a house just a 2 minute walk from the library and subway , and five minute walk from a park, restaurants, groceries and the gym. Our street is friendly and quiet. Thank you Jamie!

Nicole Feric

Dear Jamie,

Thank you for all your help in purchasing my new home. You made the whole process very quick, easy and virtually stress-free. I really appreciated your direct and honest approach, and that you didn’t pressure me to make a decision. I also value that you were pleasant and enthusiastic throughout the process and answered all my questions as best you could or directed me to people or resources that might better inform me, all without making me feel like I was ignorant or a bother. You always kept me well informed and your quick responses to any and all my emails and texts went a long way to reducing my stress level.

Thanks again,

Brett and Margaret

Jamie is a very efficient communicator and problem solver. He was instrumental in helping us get through many issues which arose. He was discreet, dependable and straightforward throughout, and this was essential as we were not present in Toronto during the transaction. It was a pleasure having him as our real estate agent.

Satisfied Yorkville Purchaser

Jamie thoughtfully listened to my (lengthy) set of criteria, and only showed me quality properties. He seems to have a special ability to find the best and newest listing, and knows how to get you in fast! Encouraging without being pushy, he made both the looking and buying process feel almost easy.

Jamie is as attentive after the sale, as before, making the purchase and the transition seamless. Even after closing he is available to help, and always makes you feel like a valued client. Jamie is a rare find; he sees the big picture but pays attention to the details, and is an asset to anyone who enlists his service.

Cameron Orovan and Giovanni Piza

When we first met Jamie, in August 2013, we realized that he was really different from the other real estate agents we have dealt with in the past. There was somehow "chemistry" between us, in terms of the confidence, experience and enthusiasm we were looking for in a real estate agent. Jamie took the time to learn about us and what we were looking for in our next home.

He knew right away how to work with us and our personalities. He was patient, very helpful and always provided reassurance and professionalism when dealing with us. Jamie was always available and ready to provide the information we were looking for or in the event that he did not know it or didn't it have it, he always got back to us very promptly.

We sold our home within three days after putting it on the market. The selling process was a little bit stressful, but painless as Jamie walked us through it with confidence and experience.

Thanks to Jamie and his professional team!

Cam and Gio

Sitare Onür

I met Jamie as a coincidence when looking for a condo to buy. Later on I realized how lucky I was to having him as an agency.

Let alone he is a very nice, polite and pleasant person to work with, he is a honest and very experienced realtor.

Once I was so in to buying a property that I was going to regret it in the future. Although he was going to lose money, he talked me out of it. Later on I realized what a big mistake I was going to make by buying it.

He listens to what you want, need and gives you exactly what you are looking for. He does not waste time and effort. He found me a condo that I am happily living in and enjoying now.

Thank you Jamie

ML Mulvey

Jamie was a huge help in finding us the ideal condo. He was very knowledable about the market and was very responsive with our questions and requests as we live out if town.

He gained our confidence and made things happen!

S. Lewchuk

S. Lewchuk

Selling a home is always a stressful event – especially so when you have decided to retire and move out of the city. Finding agents who both understand your needs and can help sell your property both quickly and at a good market price becomes essential. Leslie Lyons and Jamie Sarner were highly recommended by a friend who had worked with them previously. All it took was one meeting with this golden team and I was sold. Definitely a good omen.

Leslie and Jamie were incredibly thorough in researching the value of my home as well as determining what needed to be done before I could sell. An inspection of the property was first on the checklist – and proved to be invaluable. We quickly addressed the crucial items identified by the inspector within the timelines we had established for preparing the home. Both Leslie and Jamie were there to work with the inspectors, photographers, and other trades specialists. They also provided any support that I needed along the way, whether it was through phone calls or their physical presence.

With a price set and a plan for realtor and public open houses in place, we were going to be ready to accept offers a week after the listing went public. After 19 showings in 3 days, on the 4th day, we were presented with an early offer. It’s always difficult to know if you are doing the right thing when an early offer is on the table. Leslie and Jamie were incredibly thorough in briefing me on the pros and cons on considering this type of offer. They were also successful in ensuring that the offer was the strongest that the seller could consider – and in the end, we landed a price that was 17% over asking.

I cannot recommend this team highly enough. It was not just their professionalism that carried me through this process so successfully. It was also their genuine concern for my home, myself, and my future that was prevalent throughout. Their good nature, positive outlook and great sense of humour made it all go so smoothly. In fact, it was almost sad to say goodbye so quickly…… well, almost. I also ended up with an absolutely amazing photographic portfolio of my home. What an amazing memory to walk away with.

I would not hesitate to work with them again.

Martine & Gregory

We were looking for our new home for over 3 years... We saw an MLS listing that looked interesting and called the listing agent Jamie Sarner. Jamie showed us the property, but it was not "the One".

After hearing our wish list he said: I think I know just what you have been searching for. He showed us this incredible condo near Queen & Spadina, 1,800 SQ' corner unit with a huge private terrace. The rest is history. Jamie is knowledgeable, personable and professional. We were so impressed with Jamie that we referred our sister-in-law from Ottawa who was looking for a condo for their son attending university in Toronto. Of course Jamie found just the right property! He is now working with my sister from Germany to find a suitable investment property.

We would highly recommend Jamie as your realtor.