Moving: Day ‘M’

How to go about organizing the actual moving day and the events after a move

Moving Day

Moving day is almost always tiring!  Planning ahead will at least diffuse any anxiety you might feel about getting it all done.

Time by lett
Time by lett

On moving day, go through your house with the movers and give them any special instructions. The condition of your goods should be noted on an inventory list that you should go over to check for accuracy. When the van arrives at your new home, you may wish to mark off the items on the mover’s list as they are unloaded; it’s definitely important to at least be present, just in case your movers have questions.

If you paid for the movers to unpack boxes and take away the packing materials for you, remember that they will not put dishes or linens into cupboards.

Post-Closing, Post-Moving

You survived the move!  Now you just have to unpack and get settled in your new home.  It’s a thrilling prospect.  But what if you move in and discover a problem, like a leaky washing machine or no garage door opener?  Let Jamie know.  He is your advocate throughout the sale and beyond, and knows where to go for accurate legal advice.  He will discuss your issues with the seller’s agent, and let you know what all your options are.  Typically, though, post-closing concerns are very rare.

Jamie is always here to help, whether it is to advise you on the wisdom of renovating the basement…give you names of the best landscapers in Toronto…or provide you with an expert opinion of your home’s value down the line.  He’ll stay in touch regularly to make sure you have everything you need.  When you have a question about anything to do with Toronto real estate or your home, Jamie is your source for trusted, current information – just contact him anytime.

After all, Jamie’s goal as your SAGE Real Estate LTD., Brokerage real estate agent is your ultimate satisfaction, both now and in the future.

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