Bidding on Homes: The Acceptance Process

What goes on behind the scenes once your offer is submitted – and what that means for your purchase

Your offer will usually be presented during a formal meeting between the sellers, their Realtor®, and Jamie – while you wait nearby.  The seller has three options once they have reviewed your offer:  they can accept the offer, reject it, or submit a counter-offer.  In the case of multiple offer situations (a.k.a. bidding wars) the process may naturally take a long time and be a stressful one.  Jamie will check in with you frequently and may, depending on the situation, advise you on strategies (such as removing certain conditions or increasing your offer price) to help you go home victorious.

Door by John Loo
Door by John Loo

If your offer is rejected, but no other offer is later accepted, we can of course submit an entirely new and improved offer.  This scenario is relatively rare; typically a seller will present a counter-offer to keep negotiations open. The counter-offer may be in reference to the price, the closing date, or any number of other variables that work better for the seller than what you initially proposed.  Together, we will strategize an appropriate response based on your plans and goals.  Sometimes it will be in your best interests to walk away from the table; at other times, we can counter-offer or accept the seller’s changes to the document if it makes good sense.

The offers can go back and forth until both parties have agreed, or until one party ends the negotiations.

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