Immigration To Canada Guide

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    Immigration, Work Permit, & Citizenship in Canada
    All the basics you need to know when considering immigration to Canada. In this page you can find Canada's selection of immigration programs with requirements.

  • Documents To Obtain After Your Arrival in Canada
    Entering a country for the purpose of business or immigration necessarily involves substantial paperwork. This chapter of our guide helps you to paddle through the waters of bureaucracy.
  • How To Buy Real Estate Property In Canada
    You need to buy or rent a property to settle down and to open a business. How difficult it is for a foreigner or immigrant to purchase real estate in Canada?
  • How To Buy, Insure & Register A Car In Canada
    Canada is a large country and getting around without car is very difficult. Luckily, to buy and run a motor vehicle is not so difficult.
  • How To Open A Bank Account In Canada
    When you arrive in Canada, one of the first things you will need to do is open a bank account to receive your salary from your job in Canada, to rent or buy accommodation, to pay your bills, to get a phone line, and for many other necessities.
  • Paying Taxes in Canada
    Canada attracts immigrants for many reasons. Apart from the safe environment, the job opportunities, the healthcare, and the educational system, the tax benefits are also one of the most important reasons. Here are some basic tips on taxation in Canada.    

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