Guide to Selling a House in Toronto

Jamie Sarner brings you his Guide to Selling a House in Toronto – a comprehensive step-by-step explanation of the most important and the most intricate nuances of a home sale.  Be informed when you enter the market and get the most out of your old home.

Pros & Cons of a Home Sale

Are you sure that you want to sell your house now?  Why would you rather not rent instead?  Learn about all the decisions that must be made before a home sale and be prepared.

Elements of a Successful Home Sale

What are the pre-requisites to a smooth and successful home sale?  How can you determine an appropriate asking price for your home?  Learn about all the information that enters the valuation process and proceed by preparing for every stage, from market placement to dealing with offers and closing.

First-Time Home Sellers

Whether you are a home-selling newbie or not, this chapter of Jamie’s Home Seller’s Guide is here to introduce you to everything you will want to know before you make your first steps.  Take Jamie’s advice and relax.  The real estate market of Toronto is waiting for you.

Seasoned Home Sellers

Are you a seasoned home seller ready to take on another home trade?  Check out this chapter to learn what changed in Toronto since your last transaction and how you can use modern technologies to improve your chances at selling your house under superb conditions.

Your Realtor® – Your Partner: What to Ask?

How do you determine the quality and competence of your real estate agent? Whom will you pick and why? See Jamie’s list of questions that you and your realtor should answer before you can make an informed decision.

Filling-in a Seller Profile

Once you approach a qualified Realtor®, he or she will ask you a few questions about your home, your needs and your expectations.  This will help your Realtor® craft a solid marketing strategy for you.  Be ready on the first meeting already and prepare your answers to the most common questions.

Rights & Responsibilities

Under what conditions will your agent work for you?  Why must he or she work in your best interest?  What does “multiple representation” mean for you?  Who will list your house and how?  Find the answers to these and other questions in this chapter of Jamie’s Toronto Home Seller’s Guide.

Timing the Market: When to Sell?

Is it really possible to find the best time to sell your home in Toronto?  What does it mean that the real estate market is “seasonal”?  Which economic and/or demographic indicators give you a good idea of the state of the local market?

What is Your Home Worth in the Market?

The local market is an important factor that determines your relative home price.  What are the other factors?  Which factors can you influence and how?  Learn the basics of house valuation techniques with Jamie.

Understanding the Local Market

What is a comparative market analysis?  How does one help you position your house in the market?  Why do you need to know about comparable sales on your market?  Learn how to analyze and understand the housing market in Toronto and take advantage of it.

Pricing Your Home for Sale

Proper house pricing strategy is one of the most important ingredients of the home marketing mix.  Price is the attribute of your house which can be very easily compared to other houses out there and which buyers see and consider most often.  Make sure yours is just right and that it gives you the upper hand in sale negotiations.

Preparing Your Home: Repairs & Renovations

If you want to squeeze the most value out of your home on the market, you will have to invest some time and money into functional repairs, upgrades, and facelifts.  Don’t forget to mow the lawn and tidy up your garden too.  Read Jamie’s expert tips on repairs and renovations.

Repairs and Return on Investment

Not all renovation is necessary and not all renovation is good.  Avoid investing excessively into low-impact changes and high-priced cosmetic repairs.  Which changes are best left for the new owners?  Jamie brings you advice on smart investing into your home.

Getting Ready for Open House Showings

What should you keep in mind when you are preparing for an open house showing?  Check out Jamie’s home staging tips and “wow” your visitors right from the very beginning.  Presenting a cozy open house is the best way toward closing a succesful deal.

Bidding: Understand an Offer

If you’ve done everything properly, offers will be pouring onto you in no time.    Become an expert on “Agreements of purchase and sale” and know what they consists of, how they are formatted and phrased and what you should be ready for.

How to Decide on Offers

Should you pick a great conditional offer over an OK firm one?  Learn all about offers:  how to assess them, how to respond to them, and how to pick the best buyer.  Become a skilled negotiator and make sure that you do not sell too cheap.

What to Do when There Are No Offers

If there are no offers coming in despite your marketing efforts, maybe it is time to rethink your offering.  Has the market changed unfavourably since you composed your strategy?  Has your house changed?  Learn whether you need to re-consider your sale campaign and how.

Alternative Home Sale Strategies

Have you been using your house as investment property?  Would you like to learn how to flip your Toronto house?  Read about the alternatives to a plain home sale if you are adventurous enough.

Closing: The Wrapping-Up Process

You are now in the final stages of the entire sale.  You have successfully withstood the marketing planning, renovations and upgrades, open house visits: congratulations!  Learn about the effective ways to closing, the legal support you may need and the checklists you may want to consult during the closing stages.

Moving After the Sale: Where Are You Going?

Do you already know where you are going after the sale is complete and you have to vacate the premises?  You had better found yourself a new dwelling already, since the closing time is limited and usually very short.  Don’t forget to inform your family and cell-phone operator of your new address and be ready for your moving day.

Renting 101: How to Rent After a Home Sale

If you are waiting for your dream home or are not sure about your place of abode in the near future, you are probably considering renting a house or an apartment in the short term.  Learn the pros and cons of renting in Toronto and how to rent a nice place on good terms.

If you are buying a new home while selling your old one, you may also be interested in Jamie Sarner’s Guide to Buying a Home in Toronto.

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What a comprehensive resource for Toronto home buyers and sellers, Jamie. I am in awe.

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Jane Peters says:

You have written an excellent guide to selling a home in Toronto, and for that matter, anywhere, James. Great job.

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