Seasoned Home Sellers

Onwards & upwards!  What you still need to know, even if you’ve sold before

Your Marketing Strategy

The Toronto real estate market isn’t what it once was.  Buyers are more savvy, better informed, and have better professional representation than ever before, so sellers who take a hands-on approach to their own marketing are in a better position to accomplish their goals.  Though Jamie will carry out a thorough and comprehensive marketing campaign for your home, if you're a real estate veteran, you may want to consider rolling up your sleeves and adopting the following suggestions to help sell your home:

  • Send an email to all the contacts in your address book, letting them know that your home is for sale and including a link to the MLS listing (which Jamie will provide).  Ask them to pass it on to everyone in their address books, too.  You never know who might know someone who knows someone…

  • Leverage social media like your Facebook and Twitter accounts, which allow you to create a photo album or video of your home and invite people to events such as your public open house

  • Post a flyer advertising your open house at the local grocery store, Laundromat, library and anywhere else you frequent, that has a bulletin board

  • If selling in colder months, put together a photo album of pictures of your landscaping and gardens as seen in the summer, to display at the house for visitors

Advertising & Marketing Your Home

Selling can entail a variety of marketing strategies. Once listed with Jamie, your home will be quickly entered into the Toronto MLS.  But much of any agent’s work will be quiet and unseen – yet vital to your success.   Behind the scenes, there will be many telephone calls and emails with contacts and interested buyers; follow-ups with open-house visitors; conversations with ad respondents; web postings; and many other outreach efforts.

Jamie will create a marketing plan for your home that will help distinguish it in your local marketplace and attract buyers to your property.  In order to sell your home at the best price possible in the shortest amount of time, the advertising strategy may include:

  • Holding an open house just for other real estate agents as well as one for the public
  • Print marketing materials for public distribution, such as a feature sheet, brochure and flyer
  • Information about your home (attractive professional photos, compelling write-up) posted online on several websites highly trafficked by home buyers
  • Floor plans commissioned
  • Virtual tour commissioned
  • For Sale sign on front lawn where applicable, with highly recognizable SAGE logo
  • Print ads in local and/or national newspapers, as well as online newspapers
  • J&D front window

These cutting edge marketing and advertising strategies achieve their purpose of exposing your property to the highest possible number of qualified buyers – it’s a plan that goes wherever buyers may be looking, so that your home is seen by more people.  This means more buzz, and potentially more offers when the time comes.

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