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Before you list your home, your Realtor® will require a great deal of information about the home. In addition to his personal inspection of your property, he will also need as much unformation as he can get, which will aid in the successful listing and marketing of your house or condo.

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Jamie may also ask you to have on hand the Deed to your home, any previous home inspection reports, mortgage verification from your lender (showing the current balance of your mortgage) the survey or sketch of your property (a document that outlines the lot size and location of buildings as well as details of encroachments from neighbouring properties), and a copy of your keys to place in the lockbox (which will facilitate showings when you are not at home).

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What are the best features of your home?

What renovations/repairs/upgrades have you made to your home, and when?

What are the neighbours like?


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Air Conditioning

Hot Water Heater


Electric service

What appliances and chattels will you leave behind for the buyers?


For Income properties


What does the rent include?

Tenants’ contact information?


For Condos

Exclusive Owned
Exclusive Owned

What they cover?

Permitted Restricted

If you'd rather speak to Jamie personally before filling out the form, please call.

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