Adi Isakovic & Tania Rosaria

My wife and I put a lot of effort into renovating our condo, and we were sure that it would sell quickly. Thinking that it made no difference which agent we chose, I decided to go with a friend of the family. After 5 months, 52 showings, and 3 price reductions I had no other choice but to ask for a cancellation form. Having learned my lesson the hard way, I was much more careful the second time around. That was when I contacted Jamie. Admittedly, a part of me was still skeptical: could an agent really make a difference? To make a long story short: Jamie sold our property in 1 day, after 1 showing, for 100% of the asking price.

When I initially contacted Jamie via email, one of the first things that made an impression on me was how quickly he responded: literally within minutes. He was on time and well-prepared for every meeting, Jamie was always dressed to impress and he never wasted words. His competitive analysis was spot-on. His advice was invaluable. He was always one step ahead, ushering us through what was obviously a carefully thought-out process. The listing he put together had no mistakes.

I am confident that Jamie optimized every aspect of the sale, and truly spared himself no effort in maximizing our odds of getting exactly what we wanted. Jamie is a high-performance selling machine and a true professional. He really does his job and no one could do it better. My wife and I will be recommending him to all our friends and family, and we look forward to doing many more deals with him in the future. Thank you, Jamie.

* * *

Jamie sold our first condo in one day, after one showing, for 100% of the asking price. When the time came for us to buy our second property, he helped us get the place we really wanted for less than we were willing to pay.

Throughout the buying process, Jamie was patient, responsive, and attentive -- even while on vacation. He kept us informed in moments of uncertainty and turned what would have been a stressful situation into a pleasant one with his calm and reasoned approach.

Once again, we highly recommend Jamie to anyone buying or selling a home, and will continue to recommend him to all of our friends and family. Thanks again, Jamie!

Adi & Tania