Biljana and Mladen Ovadija

Jamie’s good humour, honest help, friendly manners, and above all expert advice made problem solving in our relocation (selling/buying) project a pleasant affaire.

We met Jamie when, getting older and retiring, we decided to downsize our living space and costs – a gloomy project, one might say. But, all of a sudden, here is Jamie with his young smiley face and, who would believe, with understanding, care, and intelligence of a most experienced real estate agent. Jamie would patiently listen to all our deliberations but never hesitated to give us clear directions on what moves to take.

So, within a week and having one open house only, we have sold our downtown townhouse for more than 98% of asking price. In the next couple of weeks we have bought and moved in an affordable condo, a beautiful apartment that meets our needs. Although this process meant plenty of excitement, frustrations and worries we finished it without rush.

Throughout, we felt unreserved support in our decision making from our agent and a strong helping hand of a friend. Having Jamie on our side was a golden asset in our real estate transaction (or rather in a crucial moment of our life). We wish you have such an agent as well!