Cameron Orovan and Giovanni Piza

When we first met Jamie, in August 2013, we realized that he was really different from the other real estate agents we have dealt with in the past. There was somehow "chemistry" between us, in terms of the confidence, experience and enthusiasm we were looking for in a real estate agent. Jamie took the time to learn about us and what we were looking for in our next home.

He knew right away how to work with us and our personalities. He was patient, very helpful and always provided reassurance and professionalism when dealing with us. Jamie was always available and ready to provide the information we were looking for or in the event that he did not know it or didn't it have it, he always got back to us very promptly.

We sold our home within three days after putting it on the market. The selling process was a little bit stressful, but painless as Jamie walked us through it with confidence and experience.

Thanks to Jamie and his professional team!

Cam and Gio