Cathy Jonasson

While looking for new office space, our home had an extensive fire. When Jamie heard that we had relocated to a hotel (with three kids, a dog and two cats), he immediately sent over a list of 32 properties that could be rented on a short-term basis until our home was restored. The timing was terrible (just before Christmas), but remarkably, he found a lovely house in our neighbourhood that would accommodate us for the year that it would take to rebuild the house. He also quickly negotiated a rental rate that the insurance company would accept.

It was the best news we had received in many weeks and we were able to move in a few weeks later. Although I am sure that Jamie was dealing with many other issues through this time, he always made us feel like we were a priority and I was very grateful both for his skills and for his consideration. There is no question that I would highly recommend Jamie to anyone wanting the experience of acquiring real estate to be handled with intelligence and consideration.