Kevin Chan

Buying your first home is no easy task. Buying your first home with your parents who are out of town is an absolute nightmare! But somehow, Jamie was able to very successfully deal with both my parents and myself. Jamie was very patient to find a property which suited both parties desires. Listings were presented as soon as they were available on the market, but not at all in an overly aggressive way.

When I found the property that I now own, Jamie went above and beyond to get me the property while he was on vacation! Jamie got me a great deal on the property, set me up with a lawyer, and even offered to aid me in filtering through potential tenants when I was thinking of renting the property.

From my end, it seems that the most important aspects of a Real estate agent is that they understand what you want, are honest, and are super on top of communication with the client and Jamie most definitely excelled in all these aspects. I would certainly recommend him to others.