Michelle Arvizu-Juckes & Dylan Juckes

We met Jamie window-shopping in the Annex at one of his listings. Having had a much-less-than-ideal first buying experience, it took us quite some time to gather the needed urgency to really start looking for our second home. We started by going to see “Dream houses,” on our own, that were WAY out of our range. We warned Jamie that we were not yet his type of client. He replied “I think you should let me be the judge of that.”; We were intrigued to say the least!

We called Jamie when we were finally ready to start looking a bit more formally, but it turned out we were not ready at all. After visiting many homes and even having an offer accepted in one occasion, we realized it wasn’t time to move and decided to hold off for a bit. Jamie was very understanding and we kept regular contact over the next few months, either in person or over the phone. We wanted to be kept informed but our hesitation to make the move remained. Jamie’s patience was remarkable! It never seemed as though we were bothersome or a waste of his time.

After a second Holiday season came and went, Jamie called to say “We’ve talked enough about the possibility and process, now may be the time to make the move.” It was exactly the push we needed and appreciated. We found our new home within two months (and believe me, I wish I had enough room here to tell you the story of actually buying the house, it was incredible!).

With our future home purchased it was time to embark on the journey of selling our property immediately. Jamie had positioned & prepared our property so well that we were struck with multiple interested clients ready to present their offers before the scheduled date. With all of the incoming offers far above asking, it was hard to believe we had retrieved back the value of so many years and love we had invested into the property. We had heard many horror-stories about the whole ordeal of selling & buying, yet Jamie made it fun. And I don’t use the word lightly. There was nothing he fell short of. He not only understood us perfectly as clients, as buyers, and as home-owners, now in the end, we truly think of him as a friend.