Jamie was recommended to me as someone who understood how to make the process of finding and buying a new office as professional and as efficient as possible. He certainly did just that. Our preference was to be in a Live/Work Condominium, something that is in short supply in Toronto. Nevertheless, within a day or two he had understood the requirements of our business; sourced a range of possibilities and worked with us to focus on the complexities of each potential space.

We were able to accomplish a great deal prior to actually visiting sites so that the time looking at properties was highly productive. Within three weeks of working with Jamie, I had purchased a property that precisely suited our needs. Jamie’s atten-tiveness continued during the period prior to moving in when he patiently handled many of the details of viewing the property and organizing all the contacts we needed.

Jamie was exceptionally efficient, very attentive to detail and accommodating of all requests. My office staff is delighted with our new space and we are indebted to Jamie for his helping us find such a perfect fit.