Susan Bailey

It was a frigid February Saturday evening, when my phone rang…it was Jamie Sarner, a real estate agent who I had only met briefly while showing a loft to friends of mine. He had gotten my number from my friends and called to tell me that he knew that I was looking to purchase a loft and that he had just "the place for me…" and when I arrived for the viewing that same night, Jamie was waiting for me, and of course, it was definitely the place for me.

The entire process for me was very quick, since there was a motivated seller and I was a flexible buyer, however since this was my first experience of doing this on my own I needed Jamie’s guidance to make sensible decisions.

I viewed the loft on a Saturday night at 7:30pm and made an offer on Sunday at 6:30 (also my birthday) following a brief meeting with Jamie. By 8:00pm, I owned my first home…what a whirlwind experience. Due to the flexibility in the terms in the agreement, I had a very elastic closing date, which worked for both the seller and me.

Throughout the term of the contract and the closing, Jamie kept in touch, contacted me to ensure that my needs as a buyer were being met, and to assist me with any questions or concerns that may have arisen. He was informative, understanding and thorough.

Thanks Jamie, I appreciate your expertise and professionalism. Your efforts were very much appreciated!