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Hideaway Antiques has been a member of the Queen West community since 1992. However, due to its exceptional selection and extremely helpful and friendly owner, Bill Jarman, it stands out from the other antique stores in this area. Bill has been in the antiques business for over 25 years and is willing to share his experience and knowledge with his clients. Shopping at Hideaway Antiques is a very pleasurable experience thanks to Bill’s joyous attitude.


Hideaway Antiques1
Hideaway Antiques

Unlike the other Queen West antique furniture stores, Hideaways Antiques is decently ample, and you can move without any risk of being buried under a pile of falling furniture. Their collection focuses mainly on antique and reclaimed furniture but also includes lighting and accessories. Bill Jarman’s passion for antiques is reflected in the outstanding quality and unique style of pieces sold at his store. You can find all kinds of interesting antiques here, from cool metal crank tables to beautiful refinished oak furniture. What’s even better, the pieces are priced very reasonably.


There’s no doubt that Hideaway Antiques is one of the best and most popular antique furniture stores in Toronto. 

Opening Hours

by appointment


1605 Queen Street West
Phone: 416-539-0833
Fax: 416-539-0579

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