Antique Furniture Store: Marie Antoinette

UPDATE: Marie Antoinette French Antiques and Décor on Miranda Ave, Toronto is now closed. The store moved to Oakville and is now operating as Maison Marie Antoinette.

Maison Marie Antoinette
303 Robinson Street
Oakville, On. L6J 1G7
Phone: 289-291-1011
E Mail:

Marie Antoinette
Marie Antoinette Showroom

Francine Stevenson-Boisvert’s shop is located in the Castlefield Design District, around the corner from Elte and Ginger. This magnificent shop is the result of Francine’s long-lasting passion for antiques. Marie Antoinette French Antiques & Fine Furniture was established in 1999, when Francine and her husband, Andrew, decided to make use of her experience and passion in this business.

Every single item in this shop is personally selected by Francine, who regularly visits France looking for unique, quality furniture for her shop. Moreover, Francine often attains high-end estate sales and gift shows where she finds exciting decorative items to mix with the shop’s exceptional collection of high-end French furniture.

The gentleness and elegance of this shop is highlighted by Francine’s remarkable personal service. She’s willing to visit all her clients’ homes and help them choose the right piece to match their interior design. Moreover, at Marie Antoinette, they provide functional and aesthetic changes to the furniture to accommodate the client’s individual needs, like widening an armoire to make room for a television or changing the stain on a table to match the room’s dècor.


Marie Antoinette Antique Furniture
Marie Antoinette
Antique Furniture

Marie Antoinette French Antiques & Fine Furniture offers a wide range of exquisite, unique French furniture and accessories, including antique armoires, cabinets, commodes, tables, seating, bedroom antiques, desks, vanities, consoles, mirrors, and lighting. Visit Marie Antoinette and enjoy their exceptional services while finding the best pieces of furniture for your home.

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