Antique Furniture Store: Passion For The Past

Passion For The Past Antiques and Collectibles - Joe Clement and John Hogan’s antique store located in downtown Toronto on Queen Street West has been selling wonderful antique treasures since 1998. Passion for the Past has a wide-ranging, funky collection ranging from the Victorian era through to the 1960s. You can find almost everything — from vintage costume jewellery to stylish 1960s glass table lamps.


Both Joe and John have an eye for fine, quality antique pieces. They’ve been in this business for some time and are pleased to share their knowledge with their clients. As they say, “It always has been a thrill to seek, find, and discuss various treasures with knowledgeable dealers and collectors over the years.“ These people love what they do, and their shop is proof of their passion.

You can come across the best pieces from Passion for the Past’s collection at various exhibitions, as they participate very often. They’ve exhibited at many places during their long career, including Sherway Gardens, Yorkdale Mall, the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, Bayview Village Mall, and the O’Keefe Centre, which is now known as the Sony Centre.


Prices at Passion for the Past are great, and what’s even better, Joe and John don’t hesitate to negotiate most prices. Those who don’t have time to visit their shop can use their user-friendly online shop. However, if you want to enjoy the unique atmosphere of this shop and its friendly, entertaining owners, you should definitely stop by. Passion for the Past is full of outstanding gems that are waiting to be discovered.

Opening Hours:

Tuesday-Sunday: 11:00 A.M.-6:00 P.M.


1646 Queen Street West
Phone: 416 535-3883

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September 13, 2021 at 8:15 pm
Micky Iutzi says:

do you buy antique furniture?
we have a “the chesty chair heirloom chest same as on your website and some more antiques to sell fora friend.

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