Antique Furniture Restoration Guide

Carrocel Restorations
Carrocel Restorations

“Are you tired of mass produced, short-lasting furniture without any character?” This is how an advertisement for antique furniture might go. The thing is that it doesn’t need any advertisement. People have always been very fond of the quality and uniqueness of antique furniture. This has projected in a wide range of antique furniture offered on the market. Toronto is a city with one of the top antique furniture shops in the country.

However, sometimes finding the right piece for your home is not enough. The obvious disadvantage of such furniture is age, and the amount of care you need to take to make antique furniture as beautiful as it can be once again. This article will help you solve this problem, introducing you to Toronto’s finest and most exclusive antique furniture restoration and refinishing businesses.

Eurocraft Restoration Co. Ltd.

Address: 8 Ripley Ave., Toronto, Ontario, M6S 3N9
Tel.: (416) 762-6919

Eurocraft Restoration Co  Ltd
Eurocraft Restoration Co. Ltd

Eurocraft is one of the few antique furniture restoration businesses offering high-quality upholstery services. If you decide to send your furniture to them, you won’t be disappointed. The thorough work they do is remarkable. At Eurocraft, unlike in most antique furniture restoration businesses, they strip your furniture to the frame and begin the upholstery process from scratch. They even provide new springs and foam when needed.

Eurocraft is also quite attentive to the preservation of historical identity, which is the key skill you’ll be looking for in the company you’ve decided to leave your valued furniture with. The variety of furniture restoration and repair services offered by Eurocraft is so impressive that it’s at least a little bit suspicious at first. The questioning of their authority in all these services is however gone once you’ve opened their portfolio. It includes hand-tied cane, pressed cane, shaker tape, rushing, splint seats, French cane, blind hole cane, and Danish cord.

A big advantage is the moving provided by Eurocraft. They have your furniture picked up at your home by a delivery company that takes proper care of it.

Old-Fashioned Restoration

Address: 3068 Dundas St. West, Toronto, Ontario M6P 1Z7
Tel.: (416) 767-6989

Old Fashioned Restoration
Old Fashioned Restoration

Old-Fashioned Restoration specializes in restoring, buying, and selling fine antique furniture — mainly from the 18th century to the 1940s Art Deco period. This doesn’t sound terribly impressive so far. Old-Fashioned Restoration becomes more interesting after you find out about the technique and materials they’re using.

Emanuel Calleja, the owner, does not only carry out all the work himself, but he also uses natural products only and techniques typically used in the 18th century. This gives his restoration works great added value. The only problem with such specialization is the narrow range of antique furniture that can be restored with 100 per cent authenticity.

What really should get your attention is the touch-up and beeswaxing services Old-Fashioned Restoration offers to carry out on your premises. This means no more moving and endangering your beloved antiques just because of such routine maintenance.

G-Star Furniture Refinishing Ltd.

Address: 40 Eugene St. Toronto, Ontario M6B3Z4
Tel.: (416) 828-3893

G Star Furniture Refinishing Ltd
G-Star Furniture Refinishing Ltd. 

G-Star Furniture Refinishing Ltd. is one of the oldest restoration businesses in the city. It’s been running since 1967, so experience and skills are quite an obvious advantage of choosing the G-Star. They only hire European craftsmen who brought unique techniques into the restoration business. They provide refinishing, upholstery, hand stripping, and hand-rubbed finishes for all types of wood and colours.

The company’s personal approach and very friendly staff make the restoration experience very pleasurable. G-Star also provides pickup and fast delivery — not as fast as you want it to be, but definitely faster than the other companies.

Carrocel Restorations

Address: 3255 14th Avenue Markham, Ontario L3R 0H3
Tel.: (416) 999-2525

Carrocel Restorations is one of the largest restoration businesses in Toronto with high numbers of satisfied clients. They are famous for their precision and authenticity, but mainly for very customer-friendly approach — from the will to spend quite some time picking the stain colour for your furniture to careful deliveries back into your homes. Their uniqueness comes from their shipping routine as well. They not only ship across the country, but they ship worldwide as well, always taking good care of the furniture they send. The work is always delivered on time. Carrocel Restorations will provide you with quite a comprehensive guarantee on all the work they’ve done.

Johnny’s Finishing Shop

Address: 90 Advance Road, Toronto, Ontario M8Z 2S6
Tel.: (416) 233-7451

Johnnys Finishing Shop
Johnny’s Finishing Shop

Johnny’s Finishing Shop offers traditional French polishing, custom upholstery, rebuilding, but also commercial services for hotels, offices, and restaurants. If you have an antique elevator in your house and you want to give it new life, Johnny’s Finishing is just what you’re looking for. The shop is also one of the traditional antique furniture shops in Toronto. It has been open for over 40 years now. Hand preparation is one of the key factors for why they’ve been so successful on the market, and they have so many satisfied customers. They pride themselves in on-time work and delivery. Even if you’re in a rush, they still achieve great results.


Address: 80 Hanlan Road, Unit #2, Woodbridge, ON
Tel.: (416) 745-6320, Ext. 1


Prestige has been around for over thirty years, and they still seem very fond of the business. The staff is extremely helpful and willing to discuss any problematic restoration at length, coming up with the most suitable solution for you and your prized piece of antique furniture. The usual length of delivery is two to three weeks and if they’re not too busy, Prestige offers expedited service within eight days as well. What’s really great about Prestige is that they always level with you. When your furniture’s beyond repair, they don’t try to push you into hiring them. It seems like fair approach to the client is the key value at Prestige.

Their specialties are hand-rubbed, distressed, lacquer, and polyester finishes.

5 thoughts on “Antique Furniture Restoration Guide

March 24, 2014 at 2:20 am
W. Reinecke says:

I am restoring an old lounge chair. All the varnish has to be stripped. The wood will have to be restained darker. There are however some light inlays which I do not want to stain. Can you offer some tips please. I will use a spray gun

March 25, 2014 at 5:51 am
Jamie S. says:

If you decide to do the projects yourself, I would suggest that you look for some sort of a masking fluid. I can imagine covering the inlays with tape, however, that might be problematic if the embossing is too heterogeneous . Try looking at some tutorials or ask in a DIY shop. I believe professional advice would come in handy.
I hope it turns out well!

December 24, 2015 at 2:33 pm

Put low-tack tape over the inlay; stain;alcohol based stain, Then spray lightly, then French polish to finish, then buff and wax. Let dry 24 hrs each step

June 7, 2016 at 3:29 pm
Bob says:

I have a French mirror with paster frame that needs to be repaired about 8 inches broke when it fell off the wall.
Any suggestion on preparing


June 9, 2016 at 10:05 am
Jamie Sarner says:

Hi Bob,

If you want to repair it yourself, I recommend you to check some tutorials on the Internet. The frame can be fixed using a clay. If the mirror itself cracked, it can be cured using a basic glass repair kit. Hope this helped.


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