Toronto Bike Guide

Biking is a great way, hop to spend sunny Sunday afternoon, keep in shape, or just commute to work. While Toronto is no Amsterdam, there are hundreds of thousands bikers from all age and social groups. Our guide will help you to join them.

Biking in Toronto: Bike vs. Car

How bike-friendly is Toronto in general? What are the basics you need to know, before you jump on your bike for the first time?

Bike Trails In Toronto

Finding the right bike paths for your needs can seem slightly overwhelming when you first start cycling. But don’t give up right off the bat!

Cycling Outside Toronto

If you find biking in the downtown core too overwhelming or you’ve decided to pursue biking for sport, your best bet is cycling outside of Toronto. Here are few tips for suburban bikers.

How To Choose The Right Bike For Toronto

There is vast range of bike models waiting for you on the market. Do you need road bike, trekking one, or downhill special? Choosing the right one is not so simple.

Repair Shops, Self Repair Spots & Communities

One thing that is often forgotten about when a person just starts to get into cycling is the concept of bike maintenance. But cycling is a mode of transportation like any other – it requires upkeep.


Bike security is an issue all over the world because bicycles can be a very high-ticket item and many people don’t know how to properly secure and protect them.

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Hi Jamie and thanks for starting the conversation with your Toronto Bike Guide. I’d like to suggest another chapter for this article – where to rent a bike in Toronto. Beach Toyz in the Toronto Beaches is just one of those places.

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