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Immigration To Canada Guide

Maple Leaf by Urawa
Maple Leaf by Urawa

Are planning to immigrate to Canada, or just start a business here? Our guide will help with all processes - visa, registering, opening business, buying real estate, paying taxes.

Buying A Home

Interior by Nosha
Interior by Nosha

Jamie will guide you through your home purchase step by step, one chapter at a time. Be ready for the process and ask smart questions and you too will turn your home purchase into a pleasant and exciting experience.


Selling A Home

Living room by Garry J Wood
Photo by Garry J Wood

A comprehensive step-by-step explanation of the most important and the most intricate nuances of a home sale. Be informed when you enter the market and get the most out of your old home.

Toronto Neighbourhoods

Houses by Steve Harris
Houses by Steve Harris

There are almost 250 neighbourhoods in Toronto; choosing where to settle is not so easy. Our neighbourhood guide describes the most popular ones.


Dining in Toronto

Toronto Restaurants Guide

Wine by Emiliano De Laurentiis
Wine by De Laurentiis

Gourmet's paradise - or not? Jamie has personally reviewed dozens of Toronto restaurants, so you know where to take your partner, friends, or colleagues next time!

Culinary Schools Guide

Dish Cooking Studio
Culinary Class

Whether it's their first time cooking or they're living out a fantasy of being the next Masterchef, Torontonians are flocking to culinary schools. Check out these three schools: Viva Tastings, Culinarium, and Dish Cooking Studio, each have a different approach to how they engage students in their classes.

Ontario Wine Guide

Hinterbrook Estate Winery
Hinterbrook Estate Winery

Wines from Ontario are regarded as the best in Canada and it would be unfortunate if you missed out on the experience. Let’s see how the wine business developed in Canada and what the best places to visit and the best wines to taste are!

Ontario Wine Guide – Sparkling Wine Treasures

Hinterbrook Estate Winery
Hinterbrook Estate Winery

There's no question that Ontario wine production is growing stronger with new vineyards popping up regularly, and not just in the traditional Niagara and Prince Edward County regions. With the introduction of new vineyards comes a new eye to different varietals and experimental grapes. What has not changed is the eye for most producers to create a wonderful array of sparkling wines.

Toronto City Guides

Toronto Bike Guide

Bike by Fang Guo
Bike by Fang Guo

Our city is becoming more bike-friendly every day. However, to enjoy your ride, it is good to have information. Our guide will help you to choose the right trail for you, or navigate you to local bike communities.


Where to Ski Near Toronto

The Paisley Shop
Centennial Park

Toronto and the GTA are a great place to spend winter if you enjoy outdoor activities, especially skiing and snowboarding. There are many great ski resorts around Toronto that are usually draped in a white blanket during the winter. 

Antique Furniture Guide

The Paisley Shop
The Paisley Shop

Are you an antique furniture lover? This guide will show you the best events and places for choosing, buying and repairing antique furniture in Toronto.


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