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Kbis Kitchens by Susan Serra
Kbis Kitchens by Susan Serra

A modern kitchen is no longer just the food preparation area. It’s the heart of your home, a place where homework sessions, late-night conversations, and casual celebrations occur on a regular basis. The kitchen has become a central point where family members meet and share their joys and sorrows. It’s a room that’s always filled with warmth and understanding. Therefore most families pay special attention to designing and furnishing their kitchens. However, the first step toward a comfortable and efficient kitchen is purchasing the right appliances that will make your life considerably easier.

Appliances are our best helpers that save time, effort, and sometimes also nerves. Preparing meals, storing groceries, washing the dishes, and keeping the kitchen clean are tasks that we have to do every day. The amount of time we spend in our kitchen can be radically reduced by high-tech designer kitchen appliances. Choosing the most suitable kitchen appliances can become a real struggle when you look at all of the varieties and options, from energy-saving to high-end designer models, including LCD displays, remote controls, and multifunction stations. Moreover, there are many top-quality brands of appliances and even more shops that offer these commodities. Here are several pieces of advice that could help you find the best appliances for your kitchen in the most well loved Toronto designer appliances shops.


The best modern refrigerators combine functionality, aesthetics, and the newest technologies. Top-end refrigerators use high tech to provide the best cooling options and at the same time deliver features such as door alarms, computerized digital controls, slide-out storage, and TVs. Dacor and Sub Zero refrigerators use special microchips that allow you to adjust defrost cycles to usage patterns. The LG Electronics TV refrigerator includes a built-in electronic entertainment system, an ice maker producing three cube sizes, digital temperature controls, antibacterial baskets, and a wine rack. Samsung introduced a “convertible“ refrigerator with a ten-inch LCD touch screen that allows users to write storage dates or shopping lists.


Historic Kitchen by Nancy Hugo
Historic Kitchen by Nancy Hugo

The newest trends in kitchen ovens brought a significant increase in cooking efficiency as well as the use of smart technology. When considering ovens, think about how often and what you cook and also whether you’re a beginner or an experienced cook. One of the most dominant manufacturers of smart-ovens, TMIO, offers a professional, refrigerated, single-wall oven with a huge amount of excellent features. This oven gives you the opportunity to refrigerate your food in the same unit, and what’s even better is that it includes a command centre that allows you to start the cooking process by sending an email or calling a number.

Sharp Electronic’s high-speed oven doesn’t only dramatically reduce cooking time: it’s also programmed to automatically cook 200 foods and time-saving recipes. Gaggenau is proud of their single oven, which boasts a seven-minute preheat function and an expansive 4.4-cubic-foot capacity. If you want to spend as little time cooking as possible, the super powerful Thermador Professional series oven is just what you need. It’s equipped with a 5,000-watt MaxBroil, which should reduce your cooking time by 30 per cent.


Experts claim that the technology used in dishwashers hasn’t changed much recently, and tests show that there are only minor differences in the quality of basic cleaning of almost all new dishwashers. However, there are several other important features that define a decent dishwasher, such as efficiency, noise level, reliability, a cutlery tray, and specialty programs. Setting up your own program and cycles will save you a noticeable amount of time every day. The lowest repair rates seem to have dishwashers from Bosch and Mielle, according to a survey conducted by J.D. Power and Associates.


Microwave ovens are no longer used only to reheat yesterday’s dinner leftovers. A microwave has become an essential cooking source in our homes. Modern microwaves are considerably more energy efficient and multi-functional. The best quality units are able to roast, grill, and bake. Samsung presents an interesting Cubic Foot Convention Microwave that can both brown and crisp food while it heats. The new GE microwaves represent a new trend of convention ovens incorporated in microwaves, making cooking more efficient than ever.

Multifunction Stations

Multifunction stations are exceptionally useful appliances that combine multiple kitchen appliances and accessories. The base of a multifunction station creates a stand-alone counter that includes various kitchen tools, appliances, accessories, and gadgets like cutting boards, drains, a sink, a waste station, or extra counter space. Multifunction stations are both efficient and practical. Most stations can be adjusted to perfectly fit in any kitchen. For example, the KWC America Waterstation has four customizable heights and allows for the simultaneous use of different features that can be rotated just like a Chinese dining table.

Where to Buy Designer Kitchen Appliances in Toronto and the GTA

Integrated Dishwasher by ChalonHandmade
Integrated Dishwasher
by ChalonHandmade

These are the most popular shops offering quality designer appliances for your kitchen in Toronto and the GTA:

Caplan’s: 1111 Weston Road, Toronto

Bloor Dovercourt Appliances: 959 Bloor Street West, Toronto

Cayne’s The Super Houseware Store: 112 Doncaster Avenue, Thornhill, ON

Canadian Appliance Source: 3711 Keele Street, Toronto

The Main Course: 1910 Avenue Road, Toronto

Appliance Canada: 8791 Jane Street, Concord, ON

TASCO: 3041 Dufferin Street, Toronto

IQ Living: 542 Danforth Avenue, Toronto

Williams-Sonoma: 100 Bloor Street West, Toronto

Faulkner’s Appliance Center: 2880 Lakeshore Boulevard West, Toronto

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