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Garden by Carl Wycoff
Garden by Carl Wycoff

Every home seller should keep in mind that first impression is the key to success. The curb appeal of your home determines whether the potential buyer enters the house or not. Proper garden and lawn improvement can increase the property value of your home and bring a return of 100 to 200 per cent of your investment. An appealing, well-maintained landscape can increase the value of your home by as much as 10 percent. Garden staging does not only increase the value of your home and chances that you sell it, but it also significantly speeds the sales process. A recent U.S. survey showed that staged homes are sold on average in 13.8 days, while non-staged homes are sold in 30.9 days.

However, many people underestimate the preparation of their yards for the sales process. Planting a few flowers will not seal the deal. Staging your garden requires a thorough outdoor clean-up, decorations, and landscaping. Here are some useful tips that will help you spruce up your garden and sell your home faster.


Lawn by Mike Poresky
Lawn by Mike Poresky

A well-maintained lawn is an important part of the overall appeal of your home. You should get rid of any weeds by using a high-quality weed killer with a high amount of micronutrients as well as nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, including pre-emergent herbicides. You should take care about the pH level of your soil if you want to have a perfect lawn. The pH should be between 6 and 7. If it’s below, spread lime on your lawn, and if it’s above then use an acidifying agent such as gardeners’ sulfur. Keep your lawn cut and trimmed, use a fertilizer, and if there are any bare patches, top them off with dirt and grass seed.

Front door, lighting, and porch

A warm and inviting front entryway attracts the eyes of a potential buyer and hides the imperfections of your front yard. A freshly painted front door combined with a few seasonal potted plants will show off your home’s exterior in a pleasant way. Make sure that your door and lighting are in proper condition and that everything works as it should. Keep in mind that small details matter and that even a broken bulb could discourage a potential drive-by buyer. Consider leaving the lighting on for a bit longer than usual so that potential buyers can have a look at your house even in the evening.


Flowerbed by Care SMC 1
Flowerbed by Care SMC

Make sure that your flowerbeds are turned, weed-free, and properly edged. Neat and tidy flowerbeds make a clear sign that you’re a conscientious homeowner who takes care of his property. Moreover, think about placing container plants, especially large tropical ones, on your patio, as it adds considerable interest and demonstrates the endless possibilities for designing with container plants. Take some time and arrange herbaceous plants, such as annuals and perennials, that don’t look as appealing as they should. Get rid of plants that are not in good shape.

Clean Up

Ensure that your yard is clean and organized because an untidy garden will make the whole property look like it’s all a huge mess. Clean up all yard clutter and don’t forget to prune, rake mow, seed, water, and mulch. Brush and polish all the decks, patios, fences, trellises, eaves, windows, and siding. Furthermore, check if your gutters require cleaning. Dead leaves spilling over from your eaves troughs won’t attract any new buyers. If you own an old, tarnished mailbox, you should consider replacing it.

Create Practical and Entertaining Areas

You should demonstrate that your home has huge potential and many possibilities of using its outdoor spaces. You don’t have to build a sculpture or a fountain; simply set up a table with a set of comfortable chairs and flowers in a nice spot. It’ll draw buyers’ attention, showing them that your garden is a lively place where they can spend time with their family.

Take Care of Any Irrigation Problems

Check if your irrigation system works properly and fix any problems even if they’re expensive. Some buyers want to try the irrigation system when viewing the house and a broken pipe would show them that there could be similar problems in the house.

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