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Have you ever considered a bathroom renovation? Most people consider it the most popular home remodelling project. Rethinking your bathroom can both add comfort to your home and add value to it when you decide to put your home on the market. Since it is a big investment, people seek bathroom designs that will meet their needs not only now but also in years to come. If you want to create a bathroom that will make a bold design statement while staying practical and efficient, read on.

Natural, earthy colours

There are no rules about what colours are appropriate or not in a bathroom, but top designers agree that white, beige, brown, and grey with all their shades are the hottest colours of 2013. Actually, these natural colours were popular back in 2012, but they seem to be continuing the trend even now. What we are seeing often these days is a transition from bold to soft, from deep hues and vibrant colours to softer, more elegant shades. In fact, the earthy colour scheme creates a welcoming and inviting atmosphere.

Bathroom by Wickerfurniture
Bathroom by Wickerfurniture

Debbie Travis, the designer from Montreal, says:

Unless it’s a children’s bath, you don’t want to be confronted with bright colours. The soothing, natural, bath trend is coming through the wood-grain ceramic or porcelain tile. Glass tile is also still in fashion, but recycled glass tile is even hotter. There’s a growing trend towards recycled materials, which is fantastic.

Ranging from cream to metallic silver or gold, it rewards you with warmth, elegance, and simplicity that you and your guests will love. Just add a little bit of chocolatey brown or yellow and see how it makes the room brighter. You can use natural wood finishes, stone flooring or tile work, or even faux wood ceramic tiles that withstand even the most extreme conditions.

Interior designers at Benjamin Moore believe that the soft lemon sorbet will be a shade of the year. Sunny and warming, it is supposed to replace the bold colours that have dominated our homes over the past years.

Luscious lemon sorbet (2019-60), our Color of the Year for 2013, is the perfect transitional color between the mid-tones and saturated colours seen in today’s home furnishings and the softer, lighter pastels which are emerging for 2013. This beautiful yellow harmonizes with other trending pastels in the mint, coral, pink, blue, and vanilla families. Uplifting without being overpowering, lemon sorbet (2019-60) complements almost any color palette and provides a unifying element for diverse spaces.

Luxury touches

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Spa suite by marketing deluxe

If you’ve been to high-end hotels, you’ve probably noticed chic design with fine finishes, such as granite countertops, tile, or elegantly distressed cabinetry. Yes, these bathrooms are a great source of inspiration given the fact that the best hotels are usually designed by the most famous designers. Even though neutral tones and patters are in style right now, don’t be afraid to experiment with brighter shades — especially blue, green, orange, or even pink. Gold finishes are really appealing; however, don’t forget that all these colours should be used with moderation, just to accent and accentuate. It is important to make your bathroom as nice a living space as the rest of your home, so don’t be afraid to use high-quality materials such as granite, quartz, or marble. Remember that it should be quality that dictates your choices.

Eco-friendly choices

Going green is a trend growing across the globe that is more or less touching every individual and every industry. Eco-friendly choices are slowly but surely making their way into the bathroom as well. From water-saving shower heads that reduce water consumption while taking a shower and using low-flow toilets to replacing a tanked water heater with a more energy-efficient tankless heater, there are countless ways to make your home greener and at the same time save money. There are a number of eco-conscious finishes out there; the “right choice” depends on your preferences.

shower head
Shower head by tanakawho

Plaster, for example, consists of natural materials such as lime, gypsum, or cement (mixed with water), and one of its advantages is that this mix emits no harmful VOCs (volatile organic compounds). Concrete is a similar but more cost-effective option. For a modern, glossy surface, you can use durable, long-lasting back-painted glass that requires minimal maintenance. Recycled-content ceramic tile and recycled-content glass tile are also growing in popularity, so there really is a wealth of options to choose from.

Contemporary style

Forget harsh corners if you can. Try to look for curvaceous furniture instead to create a seamless feel. We’ve previously mentioned a strong focus on all things natural; however, that doesn’t mean that people will stick to traditionally styled settings. Instead, spaciousness, simplicity, and the minimalist theme will create a sense of calm.

Lots of light, not only natural

bathroom mirrors
Bathroom mirrors by prayitno

Big windows allowing a lot of sun are ideal for any bathroom, and therefore adding a new window where there isn’t one or enlarging an existing window can help brighten the room and add ambience to it. However, if your bathroom is limited in space, illuminated mirrors can help visually enlarge the room and create an illusion of space by bouncing light around. Well-chosen artificial lights, wall-hung vanity units, and under-counter lighting will not only make your bathroom shine, but they can also bring that extra touch of luxury.

Alane Jewel of sums up the current lighting trends:

At least one large overhead light in the form of a glamorous chandelier or a simple pendant light adds complexity to the room and light when needed. Specialty lighting is also important for the mirror, shower, and tub areas. Dimmers are a must for all lighting so that you can control the ambiance for your immediate needs. Recessed lighting creates a mellow feel that is perfect when you are trying to take it easy. Large windows or a series of smaller windows are another way to achieve optimal lighting. They can also give way to a beautiful view — if you’re lucky enough to have one. Not to worry if you don’t have a perfect view or you need more privacy. Frosted glass still allows light to filter through without full exposure.


Most bathrooms put emphasis on matching accessories. You can purchase a whole set of accessories and replace the existing one, or you can look for something that will supplement your current pieces. You would be surprised how ordinary things such as soap holders, towel rails, or toilet roll holders can give the space that perfect finishing touch for a truly immaculate look. You may find fancy chandeliers a bit unusual, but you might be surprised how super-luxurious they can make your bathroom.


Having a bathroom tiled from top to bottom is one of the most popular trends; however, if your budget doesn’t allow you to do so, consider applying just a tile accent wall, or a tile mosaic on the floor or in the shower. You can easily add a modern spin to your bathroom by using faux wood, stone, or graphic prints.

If you want your bathroom to look luxurious, don’t be afraid to mix multiple mosaic and patterned tiles. Geometric tiles look good with natural shades, creating an interesting visual element. 3D textured tiles can no longer be found only in living rooms; they work great in bathrooms as well. Large tiles and glass tiles have also made a comeback in recent years, and with so many different options these days, you’re sure to find the right tile to match your style and budget.

Spa-like luxury

1 spa like luxury
Spa like luxury by Witches Falls Cottages

Do you ever dream of getting away from everyday stress and treating yourself to a day of relaxation and spa pampering? The reality is you don’t have to travel anywhere to give your tired muscles a treat. By incorporating spa elements into your bathroom design, you can enjoy the special treatment at home. You don’t have to pay entrance or club fees, you don’t have to schedule, and you don’t have to share space with anyone. All it takes is adding a few spa fixtures such as steam baths and saunas, or getting spa accessories ranging from massaging shower heads to towel warmers. Warm, neutrals colours, a sound system, and scented candles can also do their part. Lighting is a very important part of redesign. While there certainly are areas that need to be brightly lit, such as the vanity area over the sink, you might consider a secondary light source to create an intimate atmosphere when you want to unwind. One more tip: free-standing baths are super trendy.

Kristina Law of Interior Design and Style adds:

If you have windows that let in a lot of daylight, add gauzy sheers that are opaque enough to provide for privacy but still allow for diffused natural light to filter in. You should also get yourself some scented candles in lavender, rose, or other calming smells as a way to target two senses at once.

Remember that “luxurious” doesn’t necessarily have to mean “expensive.” With so many manufacturers in Toronto, you can definitely find everything you’re looking for. You can contact the services of Taps Bath Centre, one of the largest providers of bathroom and kitchen fixtures to homeowners, architects, designers, and builders alike, Aquaworks, or Dupont Plumbing Supplies, or let professionals from Avonlea do all the work for you.

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