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PanAm Food Festival 2013 at Harbourfront Centre Toronto
PanAm Food Festival 2013 held at Harbourfront Centre
PanAm Food Festival 2013 fun for kids

Food Festival Delights the Torontonians with New Tastes!

First year in the running and already ranking among the best festivals in Canada! That's quite an achievement for the Pan American Food Festival. This free festival attracts large crowds to Toronto's Harbourfront Centre with a three-day program full of delicious flavours, celebrity chefs, and music performances at the end of September. And of course, we couldn't miss it.

The one-of-a-kind gastronomic event introduces 41 countries of North, Central, and South America and the Caribbean, with their incredibly diverse food and rich traditions, to Canada's hub cultural, Toronto. Besides tasting the very best of their national and regional cuisines, you had the chance to experience the region’s diverse culture through the many performances that filled the stages with the most wonderful music and catchy rhythms. Among others, performers included Alfredo De La Fe, Gran Cocina Latina with Maricel Presilla, and Henry Vivel & Orchestra. The festival holds a tradition of bringing to the forefront one country each year as the "featured country." In 2013, the spotlight fell on Colombia.

So what might you have experienced when visiting the Harbourfront Centre during the festival? Tastings from many established fine restaurants and specialized food producers as well as talented chefs from across the Americas, including Maricel Presilla, Carlos Fuenmayor, Claudia Gaviria, and Donna Dooher, who held live cooking shows. During this exciting event, visitors watched the chefs use their skills and prepare delicious meals in front of their eyes. Many managed to make quite a spectacle out of the show, inviting audience members to the stage to help with preparations!

This festival gives you a unique opportunity to try out typical regional dishes and taste some native ingredients that give the meals their unique flavours — all conveniently in one location. Many a visitor left inspired and eager to try out the recipes themselves at home. Best of luck experimenting in your kitchens! It's always good to add some new flavours to your favourite recipes.

Location: Harbourfront Centre, 235 Queens Quay West

Celebrity Chef Maricel Presilla Presenting Her Cookbook
Celebrity Chef Maricel Presilla
Maricel Presilla Live Cook Show and Presentation
Highlights of the festival were the live cook shows.
Tasty Corn Bites
Chef Carlos Fuenmayor during Live Cooking Show
Chef Carlos Fuenmayor
Chef Claudia Gaviria Presenting the Food from the Show
Chef Claudia Gaviria presenting her food after the live show
Delicious Dessert
Delicious Dessert
Live Cooking Show Donna Dooher
  Celebrity Chef Donna Dooher made her show interactive and we loved it!
Tasting The Food at PanAm Food Festival 2013
PanAm Food Festival Night Panorama
The stage at night
Harbourfront Centre Westjet Stage
Music performances were part of the evening program
Pan American Food Festival Music Performances

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Carlos Bolivar

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