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We published a couple of blogs about gardens in the summertime. There was the photo essay mapping Green Roofs of Toronto and the guide to Condo Gardening

With the clenching claws of winter now approaching we would like to continue with our little "green initiative". This time, our photographer Vivian Lynch set out to capture the indoor gardens of Toronto. 

Enjoy the photo essay and share your own indoor gardens with Jamie and your friends on Facebook and Twitter. We will feature your selected photos in this article - scroll to the bottom for more information!

Allan Gardens Conservatory

Hours of Operation: 10 am - 5 pm (except all statutory holidays)

First stop is the Toronto Botanical Garden. It treasures more than a 100-year old gem - Allan Gardens Conservatory. You can find just about any kind of plant here, including seasonal plantings!

You will know the building by its iconic glass dome which belongs under the Ontario Heritage Act. And what do visitors say about the garden? Well, the comments speak for themselves:

What a beautiful oasis of colour and life in the midst of all the noise and concrete of the city. Thanks for the opportunity to refresh the mind and soul!

Thank you for the solitude within the hectic city. Beautiful and inspiring.


Centennial Park Conservatory

Hours of Operation: 10 am - 5 pm; 365 days/year

It does not matter if you are not a flora person, in the Centennial Park Conservatory, wandering around beautiful seasonal showings and year-round plant collections is a highly recommended thing to do if you want to recharge your batteries. Just make sure you have enough time to spare, it takes a while to cover the three buildings covering 12,000 square feet.

Centennial Park is the second largest park in Toronto. The greenhouse is a part of vast outdoors which means there is plenty to do even in the summer. What is more, its location in the former City of Etobicoke makes it easily accessible. 

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Cloud Gardens Conservatory

Hours of Operation: 10 am - 2:30 pm, Monday to Friday (except holidays)

There is a real tropical forest in the brick-and-mortar Downtown jungle. 

Recognized with a Governor General's Architectural Award, it features elaborate award winning design and a monument to Toronto's construction workers. This unique little park is a true urban oasis.

If you ever wondered what a 'rainforest' is then Cloud Gardens is the place to go. Warm up there during the winter and learn a thing or two about rainforests. It is especially important in the climate change debate.

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University of Toronto

Hours of Operation: N/A

The greenhouse facilities of the university offer rental space for anyone who wants to take advantage of them. Besides, there is a vast range of both fauna and flora. 

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Your Garden!

Do you have your own indoor garden where you grow your own produce? Or maybe it is a green place where you sit, relax and recharge during the dark winter days? We want to see it! Share your pictures with us, mention @jamiesarner on Twitter and we will post your photos here. 


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