Top 10 Toronto Food Bloggers in 2016

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Love for food is better when shared, even if only by writing a blog post. Sharing reviews and tips on where and what to eat became a norm after platforms like Yelp or Foursquare came to play. They help regular public navigate the rich food scene. They are important especially in Toronto, where it's hard to choose from all the amazing food spots this city has to offer. Countless bloggers scattered around our diverse city try to document all its flavours daily. And these are the ones sharing their best recipes with local products, the ones with great restaurant reviews and even the ones attending events and reporting back with news from the culinary world; the best food bloggers in Toronto.


#1 Abbey's Kitchen

Abbey Sharp is a Registered Dietitian, food blogger and vlogger, TV and radio personality, spokesperson for healthier lifestyle and most importantly a great recipe creator. Her healthy but delicious ideas always surprise by its simplicity, yet delicious taste. Recipes on her blog are sorted into categories according to your dietary needs from gluten or dairy free, to vegan, low carb or by the season, so her readers can quickly find what they need.

If you struggle with a recipe, you can visit her YouTube channel, where she shows basic food preparation methods, talks about health or answers any question about nutrition and fitness you had no idea you needed answered.

Best of the blog: Great mix of delicious yet healthy recipes, educational rants and bright personality.

Check out: Her Gluten Free Gingerbread Cake with figs. 



#2 Chu on This

Annie Chu started her blog as a college student to document her year and culinary adventures abroad. What started as travel ramblings of a college student in France, turned into amazing mix of recipes, guides and reviews of food events all around Toronto, and occasionally, the world. Annie's blogging style is a unique story-telling interweaved with her appreciation for cultural diversity in food and Toronto dinning. Each review is a story on its own, but as a bonus, Annie often features interviews with amazing people from Toronto's food scene and much more great content.

Best of the blog: Story-telling based writing style.

Check out: Her interview with Corrado Paina about Italian food in Toronto.



#3 Choperella

Tara Maini is a talented food blogger and recipe developer. Her journey was inspired by her family working in different part of food industry and her love for food experiments from early age. Her blog is an eclectic mix of various unique recipes and reviews of places she visited and loved. And all of that is illustrated with great photos that make your mouth water. Her writing style is somewhat really honest and simple and reading the posts seems like having a conversation with an old friend.

Best of the blog: Unique recipes with great photos.

Check out: These Kimchi Mac and Cheese Waffles Benedict. Yes, it's as good as it sounds!



#4 Food in the City Toronto

Grace's blog is a great place for hungry foodie looking for beautiful shots of food and some great tips on restaurants around the city. As she states herself, the blog is mix of reviews whether from "a Michelin-starred restaurant or a hidden gem tucked away down the street ". Her mix of beautiful photos and blunt, snappy reviews makes this blog a great reference for choosing your next dinning spot. Even if you have your evening plans sorted, you can still check some of her delicious recipes for later. Also make sure you check Grace's Instagram to get the full adventure.

Best of the blog: Simple and honest reviews of various restaurants and meals from their menu.

Check out: Evergreen’s Winter Street Food Market. Just don't look at the photos too hungry!



#5 Closet Cooking

Kevin Lynch started his blog upon a realisation that his meals were boring and he only used to cook the same meals all over. So he set himself on a path of discovering a variety of dishes he can cook in his closet-sized kitchen. These easy but tasty recipes are a simple solution for most Torontonians that got used to their quick, Downtown lifestyles. All these recipes are easily replicable not only at a shoebox-sized condo kitchen but at a regular kitchen as well. And the best part about these? Most of them are few-ingredients based, so you don't have to make a shopping list the size of mid-length novel to try few of them. No more weird spices you never heard of on the list either, just simple, basic cooking with a twist.

Best of the blog: Easy recipes you can make without much of a fuzz.

Check out: This recipe for Pizza Stuffed Chicken. And yes, you see that right. Pizza chicken!



#6 Chew Street

Charlene Theodore is the brain behind adventurous Chew Street, a blog about food, spirits and traveling. Chew Street has evolved from food blog into a lifestyle galore, that's cantered around good food and drinks, but steps out of it with few lifestyle articles. You should check the Cocktail Makeovers, where they attempt to replace ingredients in popular cocktails we all love and know, with their healthier or non-alcoholic version without changing the taste.

Best of the blog: Healthy cocktail twists.

Check out: Gin & Tonic Cocktail & Herbal Mocktail. How to make non-alcoholic Gin&Tonic? Easy, apparently. 



#7 The Healthy Maven

Davida is a health and active lifestyle blogger writing about healthy living and taking care of your body. She shares her recipes, lifestyle tips, beauty products reviews and travel stories. On top of all that, she started her That's so Maven podcast in December, where she and her guests talk about their area of expertise, healthy living, clean eating and more!

Best of the blog: Davida's dedication to health and being your best self.

Check out: This episode of her podcast. 



#8 Good Food Toronto

Hubert is a blogger that dedicated his blog to news and reviews of Toronto food scene. His blog pays a homage to this vibrant city, its people and food creators that make the dining scene so unique. His pieces consist of complex reviews and news from Toronto food scene as well as features of people that make the food scene never boring. Navigating the site gets a bit tricky, because there are no categories to choose from in the menu, but the overload of information is what makes you check the blog every day.

Best of the blog: News from Toronto Foodie scene.

Check out: This inspiring article about Toronto Food Instagrammers.



#9 The Green Life

Sophie Bourdon is a holistic nutritionist and recipe developer specializing in plant-based and gluten free dishes. In her recipes, she pays attention to natural ingredients and nutritional values. Her blog is a mix of healthy vegan or vegetarian recipes and nutrition advice that comes with it.

Another aspect of Sophie’s blog is the design that is simple, yet intriguing and her photos are professionally looking and positively stunning. If you want to go further than just writer recipes, check out her social media, where she shares some great tips.

Best of the blog: Stylish design and tasty vegan recipes.

Check out: This indulgent Red Velvet Hot Chocolate recipe. It's vegan!



#10 Chocolates & Chai

Riz and his blog are a place to go when you are looking for unique dessert or breakfast inspiration. He specializes in creating breakfast and dessert recipes, all of them are fairly easy, with intriguing serving or unique twist. His amazing blogging style with his witty jokes accompanying every piece of writing, makes reading his blog a real experience. The only thing that could ruin your experience is the unresponsive, older design of the blog.

Best of the blog: Good looking desserts, yum!

Check out: Preparation method for Cream Puff Swans. They look effective but are so easy! 

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3 thoughts on “Top 10 Toronto Food Bloggers in 2016

March 30, 2017 at 4:37 am
Candice says:

I love Abbey!
She is always so positive and ready to help with health & nutrition-related questions. And her recipes are great. I tried fair share of them.

April 28, 2017 at 10:35 am
Lina says:

I follow so many of the bloggers on this list!

Tara is great! Her recipes and her photos are just ohmygod good! Have you seen her instagram? <33333

Riz is really amazing too. You're right. He's definitely the best writer! I think Riz and Annie are the most approachable.

THe only one I really don't like is Abbey – her blog is just filled with ads and ads and sponsored posts and pop ups and ads and sponsored posts. It drives me crazy, such a money grab!!

May 31, 2018 at 11:08 am
Jess says:

Good list. I like, also from Toronto.

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