How to Prepare Your Home for Sale

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House by tiffanyvonemmel
House by Tiffany von Emmel

Selling your house is a very demanding task; however, knowing what to focus on during your preparation can save you time and effort. Of course, everybody wants to have their home sold as quickly as possible and for the best possible price. The key to a successful sale is preparation. Here are some tips on how to prep your house and turn it into a competitive home.

Remember that the first impression is your strongest weapon. Try to look at your home from the buyer’s perspective. It is important that you are critical with your property. If you are not able to distance yourself enough, ask someone with an objective view.

Your home´s curb appeal should be maximized. Take care of your lawn: feed, mow, and water it regularly. Invest in a few flowers, place them near the doors, and make sure that the rest of your garden is trimmed and clear of weeds and any litter or leaves outside your property. Also, do not forget to check all the walkways, walls, and patios for cracks and crumbling. Perform any needed repairs to the interior and exterior of your house. Painting your front door and cleaning the windows may help to improve the overall impression. Buyers want to see that their new house has been looked after. Remember to check that your doorbell works so your potential buyers can actually get into the house.

After assuring that the exterior is appealing enough and that your potential buyers can enter your house, follow these tips to enhance your home’s interior. Remove clutter and clean all rooms to make them look larger and brighter. Try not to have too many family photos on the wall, as they can distract buyers. Another important task is to rearrange closets and kitchen cabinets. Not only do your closets look larger, but it also creates a very good impression on buyers when they see that you’re organized. Be sure that all your lightbulbs are bright enough so that the house does not look too dark.

When you are showing people around your house, always let them go into the room first and introduce them to it. Everything has to be neat and tidy — especially kitchen appliances, so do not forget to clean the oven, stove, refrigerator, et cetera. Also make sure that none of your appliances are running when showing your home; the buzzing sound may be too bothersome to visitors. Introducing fresh flowers in a nice vase always helps. Remember to clear the kitchen of items you do not use frequently. You want to show potential buyers your beautiful kitchen, not your old stuff.

It is important to ensure that all windows close and lock smoothly and that there are no cracked or broken panes. You should pay special attention to the bathroom: make sure that it is clean, replace the toilet seat and shower curtain, and hang fresh towels every day. It may also be a good idea to give your rooms a fresh coat of paint in a neutral colour.

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