Performing a Home Security Audit

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Watch dog by jchatoff

Your home is a place of privacy where you feel tranquil, secure, and comfortable. It’s also a place where we keep our valuable belongings. Protecting our homes is one of the most important responsibilities that shouldn’t be underestimated if we want to fully enjoy the comfort and joy of a safe home. Having a high-quality home security system installed in your home does not automatically mean that you’re completely protected. Of course, installing a home security system is an important step towards a safe home; however it’s crucial to conduct a thorough assessment of your current home security, including the security system as well as the structure and property, at least once a year.

A home security audit will help you identify weaknesses of your home security and find ways you can enhance your home’s protection. It’s crucial for your home’s safety that you take the time and check your security system and its features at least once or twice a year. New tools are coming onto the market everyday, providing easy and cheap ways of improving your security system. Furthermore, even if you made sure that your high-quality system is properly installed, there might be some security flaws you’ve overlooked or forgotten. Performing a home security audit is the ideal way to determine whether your home security system needs any improvements.

First of all, it’s very useful to conduct a home security audit with someone else, preferably someone who doesn’t live in the same house as you, as he or she might be able to notice things that you overlook. When you’re examining the interior and exterior security of your home, try to think like a criminal and take a closer look at places that would you choose for attempting to break into your home if you were a burglar.

Landscaping and Lighting

Boscage by David Barrie
Boscage by David Barrie

Even though Toronto is a relatively safe place to live and criminality in Toronto and the GTA has been declining, burglary is a huge threat that can be minimized if you pay enough attention to your home’s safety. The first thing to consider is the landscaping and lighting of your yard. It’s very common to grow trees or bushes that obscure your doors and windows from the street so that you can enjoy your privacy; however, these places may allow burglars to work without being spotted. It’s therefore important to keep your bushes and trees trimmed so that your home is not completely isolated from the neighbourhood. Bushes and trees can also provide hiding places for criminals planning to attack you. Criminals are less likely to choose areas where they are easily observed. Remember: a large majority of burglars are caught by police because a neighbour notices suspicious activity and calls 911.

Another element of landscaping that might deter potential criminals is ease of access to your home. For example, flower boxes and thorny shrubs below windows make it difficult to enter your home through windows. It’s less likely that burglars will choose your home if there are natural obstacles to overcome. Furthermore, criminals seek places that appear untended and lack property boundaries. It’s recommended that you clearly define your property lines by using hedges, bushes, fences, flower gardens, and so on. It provides a psychological as well as a physical barrier between your home and potential burglars.

All points of entry into your home should be properly illuminated. Lights should be placed so that the potential burglar won’t easily spot the light source. Furthermore, indirect light decreases glare and can create a cozy and aesthetically pleasing environment as well as increase visibility. It might be useful to use lights with motion sensors in areas where continuous lighting is unwanted but necessary when activity is occurring.

Locking Up

Burglar by Eastlaketimes
Burglar by Eastlaketimes

More than one third of all burglaries are by unforced entry through an unlocked door or an open window. The same applies for garages, so make sure that all of your doors and windows are locked from the inside even if you’re working in your yard. Criminals often try to break into a house via basement windows, which are easily kicked in and large enough for a person to enter. Do not leave your basement windows damaged or broken as they attract burglars like a magnet. Basement windows are typically secured by placing pipes, bars, or grilles between the frames.

All outside doors should be secured with a proper lock, preferably a single cylinder or double cylinder deadbolt lock with at least a one-inch throw, a case hardened cylinder guard, and tie screws facing the inside of your home. Make sure that your lock works correctly and that it’s not broken or damaged.

Keep Valuables Out of Sight

Criminals look for easy opportunities to steal your valuables. However, they aren’t interested in homes where they don’t sense enough profit. If a criminal looks at your home and immediately spots several items worth stealing, your home automatically becomes a very attractive target. Don’t give criminals the opportunity to invade you home; keep your valuables out of sight.

Security Systems in Toronto

If you’re having doubts about your home’s security or would like professional tips or advice on how to protect your property, contact home alarm and security companies. Fortunately, there are many top-quality home security companies in Toronto and the GTA that provide consulting as well as home security alarm installation.

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