Feed Those in Need With a Like: Jamie Sarner’s 2012 Charity Drive EXTENDED!

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Feed Those in Need With a Like

As mentioned in my October newsletter, I am spearheading a campaign to raise funds for the Daily Bread Food Bank, a non-profit organization that is fighting to end hunger within our community. With the click of your mouse you can help me reach my goal to provide someone their food. For every eligible person who spreads the word by sharing, "liking" or giving a "+1" to this announcement on Facebook, Google+, Twitter or LinkedIn, I will donate $1 to the Daily Break Food Bank. Alternatively,starts following me on Twitter, Google+ or “Like” my page on Facebook, or retweet any tweet about this campaign. Moreover, I will donate another $1 for every additional social media platform you use to spread the word, for a total of $4 per person. I hope to raise $3,000 through this initiative—so tell your friends, family and colleagues.

[sniplet thermometer]Follow our progress towards my $3,000 goal by checking the charity drive meter on this page.

While life gives each of us our own set of challenges, there is always someone less fortunate than ourselves. With $3,000, the Daily Bread Food Bank can buy hamper boxes worth of 360 days of food. There is no stereotypical food bank client - it could be anyone. Your neighbour, a colleague, your child's friend... In fact, almost 1/3 of people coming to food banks are children.

If you would like to also contribute to the Daily Bread Food Bank directly, there are several food drop-off points throughout the city or you can give by visiting their website.

Thank you for your support. Every click counts.


UPDATE - January 7, 2013

We are sorry to announce that we haven't reached our first goal of $1000, yet. Thanks to all of you who have already participated, we do hope we can still reach our final goal of $3000, though, that's why we are extending Jamie Sarner's 2012 Charity Drive into 2013. We have also made it easier to participate, as now we are rewarding everyone spreading the message in almost every possible way on their social media accounts with $1 to the Daily Bread Food Bank for every social media platform per person. The new end date has been set to February 7, 2013. Hurry up and tell your friends and family that there is a unique opportunity to help those in need with a click!

Who can participate?

You must be a legal resident of Canada and have attained the age of majority in the province in which you reside at the time of entry to be eligible to participate. Our Charity Drive has official rules.

There are four ways to trigger a $1 donation:

  1. Share this post on Facebook, “like” this post or like Jamie Sarner Real Estate.
  2. Share this post on twitter or retweet a post about this campaign by Jamie Sarner on Twitter, or just follow Jamie Sarner
  3. Share this post, give it a "+1" or add Jamie Sarner to your circles on Google+.
  4. Share this announcement on LinkedIn and let us know about it!

Each method gives you the opportunity to add another dollar for a maximum of $4 per person. Start clicking on October 31, 2012 at 12:01 PM until we either raise $3,000 or midnight EST on December 31st, 2012. Every click will bring us $1 closer to our goal of helping those in need.

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