Top 50 Canadian Real Estate Blogs

Toronto Real Estate News

#21 Winnipeg Home Finder

Under the surface of a visually hardly groundbreaking website lies content that shouldn't be left unread. At least not if you're living or plan to live in the Winnipeg area. Bo Kauffmann's blog has not only the Winnipeg information section sharing the latest events, activities, and shopping tips in Winnipeg, but also a monthly podcast. Obviously, real estate advice, market updates, home refurbishment, and guides for buyers and sellers are included too. Bo Kauffmann is active on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn.

Winnipeg Home Finder

#22 Sotheby's Canada

As a part of the well-known international luxury realty network, the website has the trademark blue-grey-white colours and unobtrusive yet recognizable design. The blog is usually updated several times a month with no visible routine. Topics vary from home decoration tips and home staging advice to technology trends, interesting photos, and lifestyle tips. Each article is supplemented with several well-chosen photos, which is an important and refreshing thing that many blogs simply lack. Sotheby's Canada's social media include Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube.

32aSotheby's Canada

#23 Peter Kallai

A lot of regular and genuine blog posts are what makes this Ottawa real estate blog special. Yet it's a bit strange and not marketing-savvy that many times articles are posted in a bulk of three or four on the same day instead of making a schedule to post them in a bigger time lapse. Articles are usually long and go into great detail. Topics are divided into several categories — general, mortgages, market trends, investors, home maintenance, and partner profiles. The design of the website is clear, but not above average. Peter Kallai is active on Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin.

Peter Kallai's Blog

#24 Edmonton Real Estate Blog

Another simple but easy to navigate website covers the real estate happenings in and around Edmonton, Alberta. Both authors are realtors active not only on their regularly updated blog but also on their Facebook and Twitter accounts. The blog is offering latest real estate news in Edmonton and also more general tips and counsel in the area of their expertise.


Edmonton Real Estate Blog

#25 Calgary Real Estate

The name says it all — a website by Calgary real estate agent David Tsegai and his team focused mainly on buying and selling residential properties in Calgary. The website is easy to navigate and the blog covers classic real estate and investment topics on local, provincial, and national levels. The problem is that the blog hasn't been updated since February 2013. Yes, that's quite a long time on the Internet. Luckily for readers, most of the issues that have been discussed in the articles aren't outdated and are still beneficial to us. Even though Calgary real estate has accounts on many social networks, its activity diminished over time until it stopped — which is a real shame since the content was of high quality.

Calgary Real Estate

#26 Mike Stewart

Mike Stewart's blog isn't unique in its design or choice of its topics. The uniqueness comes from the fact that most of his ideas and topics are presented in a form of videos or, if written, the articles are usually very detailed. You can find his videos both on Youtube and Vimeo and follow him on his Facebook and Twitter.

Mike Stewart's Blog

#27 The Village Guru

The Village guru is Jeff O'Leary and his real estate blog about home staging, buying, selling, and last but not least, charity. He shares his information and opinions through articles and his own YouTube videos. Social media that O'Leary participates in involve Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.

The Village Guru

#28 Yatter Matters

The functionalist but clear and comprehensive design of Larry Yatkowsky's blog goes well with his personal and a bit political and philosophical tone. The choice of topic, tone, and length of the articles vary a lot, but are usually in the constellation of the real estate market and local Vancouver issues and interests. What surprised us was that (as far as we know) Yatter Matters doesn't use any social media to promote its articles and listings.

Yatter Matters

#29 White Rock Life

Most of the White Rock Life articles are written in a very personal tone, based on ideas and experiences of the writer, Danielle Hrasko. However, the updates are rather infrequent, with six posts in April, two in May, and the next one in September, which creates a big gap in the article flow. It's not surprising that readers usually lose interest in sites with no updates in a couple of weeks, needless to say months. The design is very stark in red and white with only a minimal use of visuals.

White Rock Real Estate

#30 Black Tusk Realty

From the panoramic mountainous Squamish comes the Black Tusk Realty. Most of its blog posts contain unique, Squamish-centred information about life in and around the area, mentioning local events and leisure opportunities as well as some real estate tips. Most of the articles are written in a very personal tone. The downside lies in the website's design. It's one of the generic Royal Lepage websites, beautified only by the photos of nature and life in the Squamish community.

Black Tusk Realty
Black Tusk Realty
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