Top 50 Canadian Real Estate Blogs

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#41 Toronto Condo Bubble

The name of the blog says it all: it deals with the uncomfortable topic of the Canadian housing bubble — a subject on which many realtors still disagree, leading to fiery debates. The website is simple and easy to navigate, and the updates are regular, combining text with video. Statistics, analysis, forecasts, graphics, and debates are the sole, yet very informative, topics of the blog. You can follow it on Facebook.

Toronto Condo Bubble

#42 Patrick Gunville

Young Vancouver realtor Patrick Gunville has a very simple blog, but each post is actually a video of him speaking rather than writing about a topic. That's no small feat — only a handful of realtors on our list have their own videos, and Gunville's the only one with a video of himself speaking in each of his posts. You can follow him on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and of course, YouTube.

Patrick Gunville

#43 Sotheby's Realty Niagara

You must have noticed that there are a few blogs with the similar blue-white-grey website that made it into our list. The design itself may not be original as it follows the colour and design scheme of its "mother company" but it serves its purpose more than well, making the websites easy to navigate and clear to understand. The plus of Sotheby's Realty Niagara's blog posts is the large amount of used photos to demonstrate the topic. This is what many other real estate blogs lack — they don't use enough visuals to make their articles stand out. Sotheby's Realty Niagara is active on Facebook and Twitter.


Sotheby's Reality Niagara

#44 The Toronto Real Estate Guy

The good feeling and cheerful personal tone of the blog's author, Amir Shahi, and his videos and articles on renovation are only diminished by the lack of new posts. The last update was in May 2013. It's a waste to leave a blog that's well under way of becoming unique. And that's the reason why The Toronto Real Estate Guy isn't higher on our list.

The Toronto Real Estate Guy

#45 Todd Lee

This Mississauga real estate blog deals with the usual — benefits to first-home buyers, condos versus houses, market reports, mortgages, and renovation. The articles are long (which is good), but the main page should list only excerpts instead of whole articles, as visitors have to scroll a lot to get through them. Todd Lee is active on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Todd Lee

#46 Kevin Frank

A very fine-looking and easy to navigate website with a lot of photos, this site still has one big flaw — the blog hasn't been updated in a couple of months, which is a real shame since the past real estate and home improvement articles are still interesting. On the right side of the blog, there's a panel with the latest developments and news linking to The Globe and Mail, which is not a real substitute for the missing new content. Kevin Frank is active on Twitter.

Kevin Frank

#47 East End Toronto Homes

It's a real shame that East End Toronto Homes hasn't been updated in a long time — the lists of schools and daycares in the Toronto Beaches area, places for boarding lessons, and the effects of a Starbucks location on local real estate prices are among the topics you won't find covered every day. The author of the blog, John Helfrich, is still active on Twitter.

East End Toronto Homes

#48 The Rest Will Come

The Montreal real estate blog The Rest Will Come is a bilingual website with most of its articles written in English. The author, Monique Assouline, writes mostly motivational posts and about events and holidays in a very personal tone. She also posts on Twitter and Facebook.


The Rest Will Come

#49 Andres & Karen

One thing we don't understand is why so many realtors put the button to their blog page in the most remote place on their website. In this case and with many more examples, it's at the bottom of the main page. It's quite ironic, because the blog is what should be in the spotlight, since it's the space that makes a realtor's website unique. The articles deal with the usual subjects, like sales activity, new developments and constructions, and advice on real estate transactions. Andres & Karen are on Facebook, Google+, and Twitter.

Andres & Karen

#50 Vancouver Real Estate Anecdote Archive

Real estate business, like every other business or human activity in general, is full of funny stories and hilarious experiences — and people love to share these tales all over the Internet. The Vancouver Real Estate Anecdote Archive works as a place that gathers all these stories from different blogs. The idea is very simple (as is the visual side of this blog) and very amusing. As the blog itself says, the best stories are first handed and the readers are encouraged to share their personal experience in comments. The best might reach the front page.

We would definitely rank VREAA much higher, but unfortunately, the blog has been dead for the most part of 2013 and its owner isn't very optimistic about a recovery, in his or her words:

I hope to be back with regular posts one day, but it won't be anytime soon.

Vancouver Real
Vancouver Real Estate Anecdote Archive
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