Top 30 Canadian Real Estate Blogs in 2015

Toronto Real Estate News


#21OREA Blog

This is the Ontario Real Estate Association’s site, so the topics featured here cover a wide area, both geographically and by genre. On this frequently updated blog, politics and news from Queen's Park to Sault Ste. Marie are given equal weight, in addition to cultural reportage and the usual real estate fare. The design is somewhat generic, which might not excite many visitors, but the strong and diverse content helps. OREA is active on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, YouTube and LinkedIn.

OREA blog

#22Team Fisher

This Saskatoon-area blog is well designed and easy to read. It’s updated frequently (sometimes multiple times a day) with great insight into the local market and includes some wonderful neighbourhood profiles for all perspective buyers. You can link up to Team Fisher through all the usual social media channels.

RE 22 TeamFisher
Team Fisher

#23Calgary Real Estate

Get in to the Calgary market with this site, which offers excellent analysis of worldwide economic trends and how they can play out in the local housing market. Curious about how the falling price of oil might affect home prices in Cowtown? Look no further. David Tsegai has the goods and he’s got the social media connections to ensure his readers stay informed. The sites layout is a little bland, but it gets the job done and doesn’t distract from the content.

RE 23 CalgaryRealEstate
Calgary Real Estate

#24Chestnut Park

The sleek and sparse look of Chestnut Park lends itself well to the content, which covers the areas of Toronto, Muskoka, Collingwood and Prince Edward County. Lifestyle, arts and culture within those locales is covered, along with decorating tips, real estate news and listings. Chestnut Park can be found on LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, Facebook and YouTube.

RE 24 ChestnutPark
Chestnut Park

#25EstateBlock Team

As the site says, it offers one of the biggest sales databases for the Lower Mainland area. Its use of heat maps to show demographics, crime, schools, daycares, transit, climate, market trends and more is useful for anyone looking to buy in the area. The link to the blog is a little difficult to find but once you’re there the nice design and content make it a pleasure to read. It looks to be overcoming the lack of updates that plagued it for a long period. All the big social media sites are linked to here.

RE 25 EstateBlockTeam
Estate Block Team

#26Edmonton Real Estate Blog

The site has a nice flow to it plus frequently updated content. A weekly market update is a great tool for anyone looking at the Edmonton area. The site is run by realtors Sheldon Johnston and Sara MacLennan, who regularly update the blog and publish content to social media like Facebook and Twitter.

RE 26 EdmontonRealEstate
Edmonton Real Estate


When combined with the easy-on-the-eyes layout and straightforward functionality, the team at Eximus deliver a great product for anyone interested in real estate. Tips for buying and selling sit well next to tips on relaxing at home. Social connectivity is there for anyone wanting to keep abreast of their latest postings on Twitter and Facebook.

RE 27 Eximus

#28Mike Stewart

This site can prompt a bit of "information overload" on first visit, but that is largely because most of the content Mike generates is in video form rather than written articles. Mike’s videos are available on Youtube and Vimeo, and he is active on Twitter and Facebook.

RE 28 MikeStewart
RE 28 MikeStewart

#29PSR Blog

If your computer screen is a little small, the top navigation bar can make the main page of the site seem claustrophobic, but other than that this is a very pretty page to look at. Once you get to the blog the navigation becomes much easier. It’s very nice to look at, but that can’t quite make up for the lack of updates, which is too bad because the content that does exist is a pleasure to read. More prominent social media linkage could help the connectivity of this site.

PSR blog

#30Team Realty

This Ottawa-centric blog breaks its articles into "Real Estate Information" and "Latest News & Events" for easy reading. Information pertaining specifically to Team Realty is in Latest News & Events, while broader real estate news and lifestyle articles can be found in Real Estate Information. The articles aren’t updated as frequently as one might like, but what is there demonstrates some admirable community pride. Team Realty makes regular updates through Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube.

RE 30 TeamRealty
RE 30 TeamRealty
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WOW, thanks so much Jamie!! Great list, by the way, I can see that you’ve done a lot of research for this one.

I’ll have to bookmark some of these blogs, a lot of them seem to be great resources of real estate news.


March 1, 2016 at 10:20 am
Jamie Sarner says:

Hi Richard,

Yes, I’ve done quite a research for this one and found some great blogs. Glad you like the list!


March 4, 2016 at 10:58 pm
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Thank you for your site. It is very informative and I will bookmark it for future reference.
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