Bagel World

Bagel World is exactly what you would expect in the Bathurst and Wilson area: a simple, classic bagel cafe with tasty food and an old school feel. Bagel World offers up exactly what you would expect: bagels, “flagels” (flat bagels), salads, coffee, some desserts, and other such cafe fare.

On the bright side, the restaurant is clean, and the space is surprisingly large with ample seating, but on the downside, the decor feels like it hasn’t been changed in about fifty years. However, despite the somewhat lame interior decor, Bagel World is always busy.

Bagel World is great for take out or dine in, with my personal recommendation being the tuna bagel. They’re just a good place to get a cheap, quick, and easy breakfast or lunch in the city.

bagelworld logo
Bagel World logo

Bagel World Selection
Bagel World Selection
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Bagel World Selection
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Bagel World Selection

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