As a carb lover, my go-to food favourite has to be Italian, so whenever I see a new pasta place, I make a mental note to check it out. Campagnolo was one of those ventures.

Grilled beef
Grilled Mimai style beef

On first glance, the exterior — with its sleek, black brick and inviting, large windows — looked great. However, it also contributed to the interior feeling less than impressive. But it’s not all bad news: the inside has a few nifty features to offer, like its open concept, including a view into the kitchen, where a trio of talented chefs prepare food before your eyes. Although the restaurant isn’t too large at about 1,200 square feet, the open layout makes good use of the space.

Campagnolo interior
Campagnolo interior

That said, the decor isn’t your number-one reason to amble into Campagnolo: that honour has to go to the great food. Their masthead describes their cuisine as “good, honest, home-cooked food,” and they mean it. Whether it’s their salty and delicious warmed olives appetizer, their deceptively simple ‘barratta’ (cheese on toasted bread), or their succulent main, duck confit, it’s all fantastic. What’s more, their wine selection was up to par, so feel free to make a true meal out of it.


Now, even though Campagnolo’s food is excellent, there's room for improvement in the service sector. The waitress who served my table wasn’t too attentive and had more than her share of attitude. I ordered a Caesar and was given some sort of clear concoction. When I inquired about the mysterious beverage, she saucily said “Well, that’s the Campagnolo Caesar,” not without a small dose of attitude. I’m still not sure just what was in that drink, but her demeanour did nothing to improve it.

Campagnolo dessert
Campagnolo dessert

Overall, though, Campagnolo is a nice enough place with really amazing food. They encourage sharing, and their portions are enough to go around, so stop by with some friends.

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I guess the question is: why would you order a brunch drink at dinner?

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