Thompson Diner (formerly The Counter)

Thompson Diner Front
Thompson Diner Front | from Yelp

Located in the Thompson Hotel, Counter is a 24/7 diner joint made classy. Although the restaurant is situated in the busy downtown entertainment district, the decor is lovely and Counter is a comfortable place to be.

Breakfast | from Yelp

With its hardwood ceilings (sounds weird, but they're nice, I promise) and comfy blue bench seats, Counter feels inviting and funky in a good way. The servers are also attentive and friendly, which adds to the dining experience. Speaking of, the actual food is pretty decent. The menu is all classic diner fare, so expect lots of sandwiches, onion rings, and mac and cheese dishes, but with fancier twists, for instance, the previously mentioned mac and cheese is prepared with truffle oil. Personally, I loved the chicken fingers, which were amazing. Delicious and crunchy, they are a must-order.

Sandwich | from Foursquare

Counter feels inviting and funky in a good way

Also, although the food is expensive for a diner, but the portions are huge, so it mostly balances out (pun intended). Overall, I quite liked Counter. It's a good place to grab some tasty food on a late night.

Omelette | from Foursquare

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