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Ask Your Server

Electric Mud BBQ is worth the wait. With no reservations accepted for a tiny space that has been hyped since its opening last year, you can expect to stand idly for 30 minutes before getting table... with good reason. There are about ten tables, eight spots at the bar, and a few picnic tables outside. The rustic chip board walls and neon sign décor with open kitchen clattering may lure you in, but the food is what keeps you there.

wild turkey
Wild Turkey

When there are line-ups to get in all night long, they usually make sense. Could it be the crack rolls ($3.75), steaming hot with a melt-in-your-mouth dough and salty aftertaste, lathered in smoked butter — a step away from buttercream icing? Or perhaps it's their specialty: semi-authentic Southern barbecue. Ribs, pork side, or cowboy beef that were delivered from the kitchen one after the other, covered neatly with a sticky sauce and sprinkled chopped scallion. At $14.50, the price is steep for three ribs (and not really shareable), but the quality is all there. The beef brisket sandwich ($5.50) is Montreal-style smoked brisket with drizzled molasses barbecue sauce and a tall stack of crispy onions, provolone cheese, and chipotle mayo on a soft bun.


The favourite of the night (alongside a second order of crack rolls) was the fried chicken dish ($9.50) in a pond of gravy, sweet, with swirls of hot sauce and lemon slices. Its crispy skin, moist insides, and chilli seasonings could make it the best fried chicken north of the border. Other menu items include shrimp and grits ($14.50), grilled oysters (M.P.), and maple cornbread cake for dessert ($5). Don't skip out on sides like baked beans or an Asian-inspired coleslaw ($3.50 each).

buns mayo
Buns With Mayo

Unfortunately, the lack of tables means that although you'll want to tell all your friends, you probably won't be able to bring them here. Going for an early dinner at around 5:00 PM is your best bet, or go with one of their new take-out and delivery options. The service here is attentive and speedy once you do get a table — nothing more and nothing less than you'd want from a casual barbecue joint. Cash only.

Electric Mud is open late six days a week, and it boasts $2 house pints all night long on Mondays. So drink up and make way for the lineup waiting to get in behind you.

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2 thoughts on “Electric Mud BBQ

October 10, 2014 at 7:22 am
Lana P. says:

It’s a pity that even though they have delicious food, their website it’s a mess. Same goes for their decor. But if you just overlook this fact, then you’ll be really pleased with their food and the service. Maybe the surroundings are tasteless, but their food is tasty 🙂 So yeah, it’s worth the wait.

October 22, 2014 at 2:59 am
BHGRECanada says:

Having the right decor is definitely important, but if the food is just that good, it can easily be overlooked. 😉 On that note, the food at Electric Mud looks amazing!! Hopefully we get to try it one day in the near future 🙂

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