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Ferro exterior

As a kid growing up in St. Clair West, there was only one Italian restaurant to go to: Ferro. You can cue the mental montage of a pre-teen version of myself bicycling down the relaxed streets of the neighbourhood to the sweet sounds of Queen. But I digress. This is about Ferro, with its loud, funky vibe, perfectly suited to the surrounding neighbourhood. When you walk into Ferro, it's like seeing two worlds collide to create a new vibe. It's best described as old-school Italian with a funky, modern twist.

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Table for two

One reason Ferro has become such a staple in St. Clair West is (not to date myself) its longevity. Basically, Ferro has been around for a good while. Its deserved success is due to a combination of reasonable prices, the family feel of the restaurant, and their tasty offering of Italian basics, including pizza, pasta, and more. Their minestrone soup with chicken salad is my personal favourite.

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Fresh flowers at the table

Although time changes things, it hasn't changed Ferro. The only difference I can detect is now that I'm older, I can order a drink when I come back to my roots. I think we can all agree that's a change for the better, but other than that, Ferro has retained all the things that first caused its success.

Ferro doesn’t require reservations, so just walk on in and enjoy the funky version of a true blue Italian atmosphere.

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Ferro interior

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