Grand Electric

This little Mexican place is known for two things: long, sidewalk winding waits, and cheap, awesome Mexican food. I tried it out to see if one thing was worth the other. I can happily say that the latter won out.

After my hour long wait, I was finally ushered into the small-ish restaurant. The decor was better than I expected it to be: cool, neat, and simply pulled off quite nicely on a smaller budget. A large blackboard housed the menu, the tables were long, light pine, and the walls either white or exposed brick. In short, it was cool and young feeling. The seating capacity was one of the low points with only about 25 chairs (partially explaining the long wait). As a result, shared tables are a necessity, so when heading to Grand Electric, be ready to make new friends!

The food, when it finally came around, was outstanding. The fish tacos and guacamole were amazing and everything else was good. It was simple, cheap, and fast (once you get through the door). Although I wouldn't rush back considering the hefty wait, I was happy with the fare. However, another restaurant, Playa Cabana, is also good and has the bonus of not requiring their patrons to wait for an hour.

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