Holt Renfrew Cafe

Cafe Holt by Sandra Cohen
Cafe Holt by Sandra Cohen

The Holt Renfrew Cafe is conveniently located inside the massive, luxe Bay and Bloor store. The Cafe is styled in an accordingly chic fashion as a bright, white, modern space, but there isn’t anything very special about it. There’s an opportunity for the Cafe, considering its great location, to be a great cafe, but it’s just mediocre.

At The Bar

The Cafe offers soup, sandwiches, and salad type fare. The taste is average, but the price is expensive. The food is unimpressive, and the atmosphere follows suit. The Cafe feels like exactly what it is: a place to get lunch while you’re shopping around. It didn’t seem like anyone put much effort into creating the Cafe.


To continue with the theme of mediocrity at work here, the service was average as well. The Cafe was convenient, but that’s it. Sadly, I felt like it could be something, but it just isn’t. I won’t be returning.

Holt Renfrew by richard winchell
Holt Renfrew by richard winchell

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