JP Chalet of Bouchon Bistro has done it again. Ici, his latest endeavour, is tucked away nearby Harbord Collegiate, lending the cozy twenty-seater restaurant a cute neighbourhood feel.

The atmosphere is welcoming, but the food really takes things to the next level. You can actually smell the freshness of the locally grown ingredients in every dish. The aromas left me wanting a second stomach just so that I could try everything Chalet has to offer.

To say the least, my appetite was whetted as I ordered. Although it took a little longer than I’m used to, the food was worth the wait. The amuse-bouche was incredible, and the braised beef and lobster bisque starter were both amazing.

The restaurant offers plates in (in my opinion, quite generous) small portions and extravagantly large portions. Whatever your choice, the food tastes clean and fresh.
The waiter was new but very pleasant, and even though the food is expensive, it’s worth the cost. After all, it isn’t often you find such a welcoming, warm place (and incredible food) in downtown Toronto.

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Ici Bistro
Ici Bistro
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