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Now, I haven’t ever reviewed a food court restaurant on this website, but there’s a first time for everything. If I’m going to review a food court venue, it just has to be iQ Food CO.

Located in the heart of the financial district in the TD Centre, iQ Food CO. offers great, healthy, reasonably priced options. They have a Whole Foods mentality, offering salads, wraps, “hot boxes,” and other health-conscious options. The Lima Hot Box in particular — featuring grilled chicken, aged white cheddar, avocado, corn, cilantro, lime, brown rice, and more — is unbelievable.

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Considering our health-conscious society, it isn’t surprising that IQ Foods often has a lineup of about 75 or more people! It’s more like a rock concert than a food court. Thankfully, the service is well organized and efficient, and the line moves quickly.

The food is fresh, high quality, and ridiculously delicious. It’s also well priced, with each entrée setting you back about $10. If you need a quick lunch downtown, IQ Foods is a great place to go.

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