La Bettola di Terroni

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La Bettola di Terroni

La Bettola di Terroni is the latest offshoot of the Terroni restaurant family, which includes four Terroni locations, the Osteria (next door to Bettola - they actually share a kitchen), Bar Centrale on Yonge, and their online wine shop, Cavinona. Bettola combines the excellent food of the classic Terroni chain with the wine-obsession of Cavinona, and like all the aforementioned restaurants, Bettola is fantastic.

When you walk in, you feel right at home in a cool, trendy, classy atmosphere. Bettola has exposed brick walls, big, long, spacious tables, warm lighting, and plenty of hardwood accents. In short, it's got very cool decor and an inviting atmosphere. It's a nice place to be.

La Bettola - Pizza
La Bettola | Pizza

The food is also great. If you like the other Terroni restaurants, but want something a little different, Bettola is the perfect place for you. The menu features many crossover dishes and standard Italian items, but also some dishes not at the regular Terroni spaces, including a fantastic caccio pepe (which literally means cheese and pepper, and is a delicious pasta dish). It's hard to find a good version of this in Toronto, so I was really happy Bettola had such a great one.

La Bettola - Pizza
La Bettola | Dessert

The staff are also great and easy-going, but the thing that really makes Bettola stand out from its sibling restaurants is its wine selection. Terroni has always had a great selection of imported Italian wines exclusive to their restaurant family. In fact, they even own their own wine distribution chain. In continuing this fine wine fixation, Terroni has recently started selling the full wine bottles in restaurant, including Bettola, so I highly recommend picking one up at the end of your dinner.

La Bettola - Pizza
La Bettola | Interior

Bettola is a great place to go for some delicious Italian food, fine wine, pleasant service, and cool atmosphere. I highly recommend it.

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