Lee Garden

Lee Garden exterior 1
Lee Garden Exterior

Chinatown’s Lee Garden is considered to be one of the top Chinese restaurants in the city. It’s always busy and very popular because of the great quality of the food and the nicely sized portions. Unfortunately, because of its popularity, the prices are also higher than what one may expect at a Chinese restaurant, but the high quality of the food more than makes up for the prices.

Spring Rolls by Bong Grit
Spring Rolls by Bong Grit

This high end neighbourhood Chinese food joint tops my list of the best ‘regular’ kinds of restaurants. By regular, I mean that it feels like your average kind of Chinese food place... at least, until you eat the food. For example, the table cloths are plastic, the decor is average, and the atmosphere is nothing special. However, the food is fantastic.

The kitchen of the restaurant by Sam Rosenbaum
Lee Garden Kitchen by Sam Rosenbaum

The spring rolls are the best I’ve ever had and the pineapple chicken inside a taro bird’s nest is incredible. Lee’s Garden is, to put it simply, fast and great. It will always be busy because the food is so fantastic. It’s definitely one of the tastiest places to get Chinese food downtown.

Lee Garden Food by Rob Hyndman
Lee Garden Food by Rob Hyndman

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