This Bathurst and Dundas restaurant is on the newer side, and it shows in all the wrong ways. The venue gives off an amateur art gallery feel which did not impress. The white spray painted room wasn’t well thought out and the weird concrete floor made the whole place feel cold. I really don’t know what they were thinking with this design. The whole place felt hipster-y in a bad way.

The food didn’t improve matters either. Even though the soup was decent, the charcuterie fried balls were terrible. I went with six other people and no one liked it. However, there was a big bar at the back, so maybe it’s a better place to get some drinks. It doesn’t really matter though because I’m not planning on going back.

The only thing that was actually good at L’Ouvrier was the service, but it isn't enough to save the restaurant from this unfavourable review. All in all, this wasn’t a good place to get some food and I don’t recommend it.

Louvrier logo 1
L'ouvrier logo
Louvrier Selection 1
L'ouvrier Selection
Louvrier Interior
L'ouvrier Interior
Louvrier Interior 2
L'ouvrier Interior 

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