Everyone likes Chinese food and everyone likes gorgeous lakeside views, so logically, everyone should like Pearl. Located on the Harbourfront at Queen’s Quay, Pearl overlooks a lake filled with sailboats and seagulls, making for a lovely view as you chow down on high-end, gourmet Chinese with some friends and family.

Screen shot 2011 07 11 at 16 55 52
Entrance to the restaurant

That said, Pearl is especially good for group dining. You grab half a dozen friends and share your dishes family style so that everyone can try a delicious variety of Asian cuisine. I recommend the hot and sour soup, the dumplings (steamed or fried —both are great), the orange beef, and my personal favourite, the shrimp chips.

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You can enjoy a wonderful view from the restaurant

If my enthusiasm weren't evident enough, I'll spell it out here: I believe Pearl serves the best Chinese food in the city. Now, it’s more expensive than your typical neighbourhood place, with entrées costing about $15-$18 a pop compared to the usual $10 the place down the road charges, but the delicious high-end versions of normal dishes are well worth the extra cost.

Screen shot 2011 07 11 at 16 56 15
Pearl interior is neat and tidy

And just as a side note, although I prefer to sit in the restaurant and enjoy the atmosphere, Pearl does offer take-out for those who would like to eat at home. But be warned: due to some construction going on at the moment, parking can be a bit of a problem. Still, the food is worth the small hassle.

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Pearl Bar

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