The lovely Kaytee Pilch from the Mocha Mocha review was kind enough to spare ten minutes and tell me about her favourite restaurant in Toronto: Rawlicious. As it turns out, 23-year-old Kaytee, an aspiring medical school student currently spending her time volunteering in the city, is a big fan of organic food, hence her healthy choice.

Screen shot 2011 06 03 at 14 49 00
Nori Rolls by Rawlicious

Rawlicious (located in the Yorkville area, across the street from the intimidating Toronto Reference Library) is all about organic, healthy, fresh food. According to the enthusiastic Ms. Pilch, they have amazing tea, good desserts, and noodles that fill you up without overpowering your stomach.

Screen shot 2011 06 03 at 14 47 56
Zucchini Pasta by Rawlicious

She describes the decor as comfy and intimate, with the chefs preparing the food before your eyes. Even though the venue is small, Kaytee says it lends Rawlicious a cozy feel that the friendly and quick service supports.

Screen shot 2011 06 03 at 14 47 20
Pizza flatbreads by Rawlicious

Rawlicious sounds like a healthy person's dream come true, and doubtless an interesting experience for the rest of us. I'm certainly intrigued and plan to hop over and try their organic fare for myself.

Screen shot 2011 06 03 at 14 47 43
Rawitch by Rawlicious

Rawlicious on Urbanspoon

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